Do you want to quickly set up a service business that you can run online?


Let’s get you started!


Join my “5 Day Biz Startup” online course to learn how to set up the essentials so you can get established and start working right away!

5 Day Biz Start-Up

 Online course for professionals who want to get set up to work for themselves – quickly!

Let’s Do It!


 This is for you if:

You have professional skills you can offer to businesses as a service. (Don’t worry if you’re not sure exactly what service to offer yet – I’ll help you work that out on Day 1.)

You can work online and remotely – with just your laptop and phone.

You just want to get the essentials of a business set up so you can start working for yourself.


This short online course will teach you the basic essentials you need to get yourself set up to work for yourself, to find clients and service them. 


If you’ve never worked for yourself before, the thought of starting a business might be a bit scary. What do you need? How do you get set up?

Or even, should you invest in doing this now? What if it doesn’t work? 

I totally get where you’re coming from…

It’s an uncertain time and the future is impossible to predict. 

You might have been thinking about starting your own business for a while now, but the security of the office job has been there and you just never got to the point where you’re ready to give it a go.

Or maybe, the idea of working for yourself is brand new!

Either way, I know just how daunting it can seem to be! I started this coaching business when I had just begun maternity leave with my second baby – I was still in hospital when I hit the start button and I had NO idea at all if I could make it work with 2 young kids at home.  

There’s lots of stats out there about businesses that fail in their first 18 months.

It’s true, about 80% is commonly quoted. However, usually these are bricks and mortar businesses where they’ve had to outlay a huge amount of capital to get set up and then they don’t generate enough cash-flow in the first year to keep up with expenses. 

BUT, this is where you can be different. 

You’re in the very enviable position of being able to start off simply by selling your own skills and knowledge. 

You need to invest very little to get started, except your time.

I’ll give you the inside knowledge on how to DIY and what free tech systems you can use so you can minimise expenses while you get started… which means that what you earn goes into your pocket.

All you need is a basic business set up and a few extra pieces of tech to support you and your customers. 

That’s what this course is all about. Free and low-cost set up to get you going until you decide you want to make this your ‘main job’.

I’ll show you the steps to take and you’ll get it done in just 5 days!



Jess is knowledgable in all areas that an online business needs to cover and she gives practical, informative advice that can be implemented to achieve results.

Natalie Churchill

Ok, I'm in, let's do this!


Downloadable worksheets, cheatsheets


Step by step instructions to get set up


Video content to explain everything in simple terms

What’s inside 5 Day Biz Start-Up?

In 5 modules I’ll show you step by step:

✅ How to define your service offering and pricing

How to choose your target niche and who your ideal customer is

How to choose a business name and create your brand

What business registrations you need (and what you don’t)

What tech systems you need on Day 1 (and what to plan ahead for)

How to start with online marketing to attract clients

PLUS two bonus masterclasses:

👉Uncover Your Ideal Customer & How to Attract Them to create your customer avatar so you understand how to target them
Usually: $147

👉Using Facebook to Build Your Audience to learn how to use your Facebook business page to get found by your ideal customer
Usually: $147

PLUS …. get access to ask me questions in the member only student support Facebook group! 

All this incredible value for just

$197 AUD


100% Money Back Guarantee

Plus, to remove any risk and back the quality of my teaching – I’m offering a 7-day money back guarantee. If you do the course and follow the steps but don’t have what you need to start your business at the end, just contact me for a refund. No questions asked. 

The course has been excellent! Lots of fantastic practical advice I’ve been able to implement straight away and get things rolling! I especially enjoyed the breakdown on all the tech set up on Day 4, saved a lot of research and trial & error!

Andrew D

I was experiencing major overwhelm in my business and was getting nowhere so I decided to make the investment to turn things around. Jessica gave me great feedback and valuable advice on all of my projects including advertising, competitions, my website, apps, email funnels, tone and feel for copy and so much more! Jessica is across ALL things business and marketing!

Meagan Scott

Truth bomb: you don’t need a business plan! 

I know this goes against everything you learnt about business at uni, but hear me out for a minute. 

We’re talking about setting you up as a sole trader to work online with extremely low overheads and almost no start-up cost. 

This is about getting up and running fast, with minimal risk, learning as you go.

If it doesn’t work out, and you decide to go back to the corporate office, it’s not going to be a major issue, you can just stop (with a note out to your clients of course). 

There’s no office lease to worry about, no staff, and no assets you need to sell. 

You’ll probably have a domain name that you choose not to renew at the next registration window – anything else you’re paying for, you can simply cancel. 

I‘m going to take you through the exact steps you need to take to get set up so you can start selling services and working for yourself. 

This is the most basic, core set up so you can just get started – fast.

You don’t even need a website right now! I’ll show you how to use other online systems to get you started.

Yes, once you’re up and running with some cashflow coming in, and you’ve proven to yourself that you can do this, you’ll want to do more to develop your business, add more marketing activities and a website. 

That’s when you’ll want to revisit your strategy, and create a vision for your business’s future.  

Once you’ve tested the market, learnt about what clients really want and found out where your strengths lie. 

But for now, you don’t need any of that, you just need you, a service that you can deliver and a way for clients to pay you. 

Ready to get started?

Hi there! I’m Jessica Osborn

I’m a business coach for consultants, coaches, professionals, creatives and people who provide services to businesses – who want to achieve success, to be financially independent, have freedom to manage their own schedule and work how it suits them. 

With a degree in business and way too many years (20ish!) spent in corporate marketing, I’ve led many teams to build successful global brands and launch new businesses.

I’ve also built two online services businesses of my own over the last 10 years, selling the first one when I chose to focus all my energy on this one. 

I learnt what you do need and what you don’t when you operate from home.

Now I’m giving you the benefit of my experience (skipping the trial and error!) with a simple course taking you through the exact steps to get a simple business set up, so you can start working for yourself while you continue to build out your strategy. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know about online marketing, I’ve included a couple of bonuses for you to get started with at the end of the course, and lots of links to useful resources for you to continue learning.

I’m here to help you start, and take the fastest way to positive cashflow.

Jessica xx

“You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take the next step”

Will this work for me?

If you love to DIY, can motivate yourself and you are able to spend a few hours a day, this is good for you. 

If you understand that this course will give you your initial set up to just get started, and that you’ll have more to learn as you go, then it’s a great fit. I’ll give you some advice about where to next at the end of the course.

This course is pre-recorded video so you’ll be able to fit it in when you can, around whatever else you have to do.

What do I need?

  • A computer with internet connection and speakers
  • A couple of hours per day to do the course work (in your own time)
  • A positive attitude and willingness to learn!

I recently completed the masterclass “Uncover Your Ideal Customer” and would highly recommend you do it if you are not totally clear on who your ideal client is. The workbook and video are easy to follow with Jessica’s leading and is a really insightful way to get absolutely clear on who you serve. 

Ian Woodhouse

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