Apply for entry to Jessica Osborn’s Affiliate Program

**Entry to my affiliate program is by invitation only.**

So, you must be here because I think you’d make a great affiliate!

You’ve got contacts who fit my ideal customer profile: women entrepreneurs with service-based businesses, who need help with marketing.

You can earn commission on referrals to private coaching or the Marketing Momentum Mastermind program.

The current commission rate is 10% – this is applied to each payment your referral makes, so the longer they stay, the more you make!

Payments are automatically made via PayPal once your account reaches $20.

Register below to apply.

What happens next?

After you apply, I review and approve your application.

Then you need to log in and complete your account set up, including your PayPal account for your payments to be made into.

Once this is done your account is ‘activated’.

In your Affiliate account section you will find your own Affiliate code and the ability to create custom links for any page in my website.


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