The most comprehensive program for aligning your business strategy to achieve market position, consistent clients and profitable growth.

Business JAM is the ONLY foundational business strategy program that not only shows you how to pinpoint your most profitable niche – but also how to build efficient marketing systems to deliver consistent clients and service them at the highest level – without being chained to your laptop.

By the end of this program,

you will have:

Identified your strongest niche to become a leader in (instead of spending yet another year trying to be heard in the crowd).

Nailed down your target customer until you understand what makes them jump for joy and how you’re an essential part of that solution.

Defined your brand strategy, the position and reputation you’re striving for.

Engineered your service mix to deliver your revenue goals while leaving you with plenty of time for family, friends and self care.

Developed irresistible offers to sell your services so you can sell with ease.

Identified your ideal marketing tactics and mapped them into your funnel to attract, nurture and convert your customers.

Crafted compelling messaging that connects straight to the core of your ideal customers’ desire.

Started to build your reputation as a specialist in your field.

Created a tailored lead magnet to attract your ideal customers to your email list.

Implemented automated systems to vastly reduce your admin time, freeing you up for more important revenue-generating work.


Defined your ultimate customer experience to keep your customers coming back for more and becoming your cheer squad who refer more ideal clients to you (saving you even more time on marketing!)

And, above all that, Business JAM will give you the clarity on exactly how you can achieve consistent clients and profitable growth –without increasing your time, and finally achieve that vision of the freedom you can enjoy as your own boss.

This is YOUR time!

Enrolment opens again soon!

You could be surrounded by a new class of motivated entrepreneurs that will cheer you on throughout your business journey. 

Are you ready to finally get your business marketed right to deliver the results you want?

Georgina Chai

“I was actually tossing up between the Business JAM program and doing another program that was being promoted at the same time. I’m so glad that I chose to work with Jessica.
Business JAM is just what I need for this part of my business journey – I am now clearer on who I want to serve in my business, how I want to deliver my services and how I want to make it work around my family commitments.
Jessica generously shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with the group. I liked the fact that it was a combination of self – paced modules and weekly live coaching calls, which was great for me as I have a young family.
I have ongoing access to the learning materials so I can revisit any of the topics. Being part of a coaching group was also really valuable as we were able to encourage each other, share our progress and help each other with ideas and suggestions.
I highly recommend working with Jessica if you want to lay down strong foundations and move forward with a sound strategy for your business.”

Claudia Harley

“Business JAM was the best investment I made in 2020.
Before joining Business JAM I was going in circles, not making any significant progress. I knew my customer but Jessica helped me create an offer for them by thinking of a framework, understand the “customer journey” concept.

In the process, I fell in love with my old business again and I’m confident I can also pursue the new one. She helped me keep focus on money making activities in our coaching calls and felt supported by fellow members. I stopped procrastinating because I know where I’m going. Best, best, best!! Thank you Jessica”

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