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Growth strategies, automation and targeting strategies for services businesses.

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Do you need a review of your marketing channels and advice on how to improve results?

Get a review of your business, brand, marketing activities, and sales conversions, delivered in a report with recommended actions to improve your positioning in the market and become the number one choice for your target customer. 

This is ideal for you if your business provides professional or business services, with up to $500m turnover and you’re ready to make change to achieve better results.

You want to:

  • Identify the key areas your marketing strategy needs work
  • Know where to invest your time and money for best results
  • Strengthen your market position to put you ahead of your competitors
  • Understand what resources you need to create efficiency and a better customer experience.

I’ll help you develop a marketing strategy that attracts the right prospects to you, ready to buy.

Hi, I’m Jessica

A degree-qualified marketing professional, I’ve spent over 20 years’ of my corporate career creating marketing strategies to launch and grow businesses.

I’ve managed high-performing teams for some of the largest companies in the world and worked for small businesses and start-ups too.

I made it to the top as head of marketing and communications. I even took a start-up to being an ASX100 Company worth over 1 Billion, over 6 years!

Then, as an entrepreneur, I’ve also built two successful businesses of my own over the last 10 years. 

My approach to marketing strategy is founded in genuine brand building, targeting the right people and creating an experience that turns strangers into customers.

I’ve built my tactical templates and tools from extensive practice, implementation and testing. They’re clean and simple, to make things super easy.

With specialist experience in digital marketing and online systems over the years, I’m passionate about using automation to drive efficiency for businesses and streamline the marketing funnel to drive higher conversions. 

Want to talk about your business needs? Book a time in my calendar for an initial chat. 

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