Do you want to effortlessly attract your ideal customers with marketing that really works?

Let’s get you started!

Join my online masterclass and learn how to define your ideal customer ….

….. and what to say to them so they want to buy from you.

Uncover Your Ideal Customer and How to Attract Them (in less than 90 mins!)


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 Have you been struggling to get results from your marketing efforts?

Are you unclear on who your ideal customer (or business) really is?

You’re in the right place!

Take this masterclass and I’ll help you build a detailed profile of your ideal customer so you understand what makes them tick….

…. and I’ll show you how to craft marketing messages they’ll respond best to.


Having a well-defined ideal customer is essential to creating successful marketing content, so before you waste any money on expensive advertising let’s get the foundations right first.

Sign up for my online masterclass and let me show you how to create an avatar of your ideal customer and how to write compelling messages that attracts them to you!

This masterclass is for YOU if:

You’re an owner of a small business that offers services – including consultants, creatives, coaches, professionals, techies, and online businesses. 

You want to be very targeted with your marketing so you don’t waste time (and money) on marketing to the ones who aren’t right for your business.

You’re having trouble building an audience, attracting traffic to your website or converting sales

You want to convert more of your audience to customers. 

You want to get smarter about who you choose to work with and specifically target the customers who generate the most profit. 

You’re feeling stuck with your business, your marketing isn’t working and you want to start getting results. 

“This was a fantastic masterclass. It gave me clarity on who my avatar is and how I can better meet their needs.” 

Rebecca H

Ok, I'm in, let's do this!


reusable workbook


Unlimited access to Watch it again, and again


Just 90 minutes of your time

What will you learn?

⇒ Why you need a well-defined niche (aka target market) – whether you’re serving businesses or consumers

⇒ How to identify your Ideal Customer (and what makes them Ideal)

⇒ Their desires, fears, opinions and level of knowledge about their situation

⇒ Identifying what makes them buy and when to approach them

⇒ How to educate them and build trust so they enter the ‘buying zone’

⇒ How to write your marketing messages for your website that drive higher conversions

⇒ How to write your elevator pitch to appeal to your ideal customer

⇒ How to write an attention-grabbing headline

All of this packed into one simple Masterclass you’ll do in less than 90 minutes!


Enrol today for just $49 AUD!

(Special rate, normally $150 AUD – that’s a 67% saving!)

Hear What Others are Saying

Ian Woodhouse

“I recently completed the masterclass “Uncover Your Ideal Client” and would highly recommend you do it if you are not totally clear on who your ideal client is. The workbook and video are easy to follow with Jessica’s leading and is a really insightful way to get absolutely clear on who you serve. Jessica was also kind enough to give feedback and comments on my initial draft which was extremely helpful for me.”

Michelle Marks

“I recently completed Jessica’s masterclass on “Uncover your ideal customer” which was a tremendous help for me in understanding my ideal client. Not only did I get to participate in this workshop, but I got to do it in my own time (flexibility is so important when you’re busy mum and business owner!) It was a really valuable session, thanks Jessica!”

I completed this training in the early days of creating my business and it truely helped me start off on the right foot. It stepped me through how to really narrow in and dig deeper into who my ideal customer is and showed me the importance of shaping my messaging to reach these people. I highly recommend going through this process for any business to save you time and money down the track.

Ruth M

Why this masterclass?

This is a bite-sized marketing course delivered as an online video masterclass.

You’ll complete it in no more than 90 minutes – ideal for busy entrepreneurs who can’t commit much time to learning.

The customer avatar worksheet has been developed by experienced senior marketer Jessica Osborn, based on her 20+ years of marketing experience, so you know it works

You get a Word based workbook to keep and use in the future – which gives you flexibility to keep refining your avatar and your message as you learn more about your Ideal Customer. 

PLUS – watch the masterclass as many times as you like! 

Ready to nail down your Ideal Customer and start marketing to them?

Will this work for me?

If you have a business (and I suspect that if you’re reading this, you do!), then yes, it will most certainly help you improve your marketing.

All great marketing strategies start with a specific and detailed knowledge of the target – your ideal customer.

What do I need?

  • A computer with internet connection and speakers
  • A positive attitude and willingness to learn!

Jessica helped me knuckle down my exact audience I want to attract. I changed my fb ads to represent these people… and my ad is doing AMAZING! Down to 20c per like!

Katie J

“If you’re marketing to everybody, you’re selling to nobody”

About your coach – Jessica Osborn

Hi there! I’m a down-to-earth marketing coach for busy women who want to achieve more success with their businesses so they can spend less time working and more time living.

With a degree in business and way too many years (20ish!) spent in corporate marketing roles, I’ve led many teams to build successful brands and launch new businesses.

Now I’m giving my own clients the benefit of this experience with simple strategies to build their brands, grow their audience and funnel prospects into customers.

Join me in this masterclass as I teach you the first step of your marketing strategy – getting to know your Ideal Customer and how to attract them! 

Jessica xx


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