Defining Your Ideal Customer Masterclass


Thanks so much for joining me in this masterclass! 

You’re going to learn:

1. How to identify your ideal customer (whether you’re B2B or B2C)

2. How to create your customer avatar

3. How to write 3 marketing messages to attract them!

Ready to watch the Masterclass?

During this class I take you step by step through creating your customer avatar. Please pause the video when you need more time to populate your workbook. 

All done? 

Now you’ve got your customer avatar… and you know what you need to say to them. 

So your next step is to build out your marketing plan – how are you going to reach them, convert them to prospects and then to customers? 


Like my help with your plan?

We could work together 1:1 on your plan and seriously growing your business – book a 15 minute chat with me to discuss your goals and see if private coaching is right for you.. 

OR you could join a small group of like-minded ladies on my group coaching program and be able to check in with me for advice each week! Find out more about Marketing Momentum Mastermind here.