Uncover Your Ideal Customer

& How to Attract Them

 (in less than 90 minutes!)



Thanks so much for joining me in this masterclass! 

Ready to watch the Masterclass?

You’re going to join me for an indepth session and learn:

1. How to identify your ideal customer (whether you’re B2B or B2C)

2. How to create your customer avatar

3. How to write 3 key marketing messages to attract them!

During this class I take you step by step through creating your ideal customer avatar.

Please pause the video when you need more time to populate your workbook.

All done? 

Now you’ve got your customer avatar… and you know what you need to say to them.

Would you like some feedback? 

Send your workbook to me for some personalised feedback on your avatar and messages! 


Next Step: make your PLAN to attract them!


Now you know who you’re targeting and how to talk to them about what they really want…. your next step is to build out your marketing plan.

The plan (and I don’t believe in long-winded ones) just outlines how you’re going to reach them, convert them to prospects and then to customers.


Think about your marketing funnel and what you’ll do at each stage:

AWARENESS – get them to know you – Build your AUDIENCE

INTEREST – get them to like you – Subscribe to your LIST

CONSIDERATION – get them to trust you – Nurture them with CONTENT

BUY – get them to buy from you – Convert them to CUSTOMER

That’s it really! Not too hard is it?


I like to create automated actions to move people through the funnel, so I can focus on adding more people to the top AND servicing my existing customers. 

… hang on a moment!


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