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I used these exact methods to increase my open rates by 82% and conversions by 76%.

Want better results from your email campaigns?

There are 2 key objectives for every email you send:

  1. Open the email
  2. Complete conversion (usually click through to a web page)

Get every subscriber to do that and you’ve achieved 100% success!

It’s that simple. But it’s also difficult.

Today there are hundreds of marketing emails hitting our inboxes every day, all vying for attention – PICK ME! PICK ME!

So how do you become the one that they choose to open?


Structure your emails for max open rates and conversions

The devil is in the detail. Every detail of your email needs to work together to get the response you desire. They must be:

  1. Not spammy
  2. Engaging, not annoying
  3. Clear (wording and layout are both very important).

Research shows that you have about three seconds to grab your reader’s attention before they hit the delete button. And that’s only after they’ve decided to open your email in the first place!

So how do you create a successful email?

Download my free cheat sheet “7 Essential Elements of a Successful Marketing Email” to find out what you need to optimise in each email.