Free Resources

Hi! Looking for some great biz resources to save you time?

Here’s a small selection of the tools and templates I provide to my coaching clients.

They’re tried and tested, tools I have built during my 20 year marketing career, and also the same ones I use for my own business. 
Check them out and download one, or all! 
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Jessica xx

Guide to creating your Customer Avatar

Customer avatar worksheet and template
Want to attract the right customers for your business?
Do you even know who the right customers are?
Use this guide to define who your Ideal Customer is and create your own customer avatar.

Email Marketing Cheat Sheet

Today there are hundreds of marketing emails hitting our inboxes every day, all vying for attention;


So how do you become the one that they choose to open?

Brand Strategy Worksheet

brand strategy worksheet - Jessica Osborn

Your brand is more than a logo; it’s how your business represents itself to the outside world.

Attract your ideal customer
with a brand that appeals to them

Press Release Template

Sharpen up your PR with a professional press release.

Download my FREE press release template and look like a PR pro when you send out your next press release!

This template tells you EXACTLY what to include in your release, and a few writing tips too.