Would any business owner not believe having an online presence is an important factor in making sales? I highly doubt it!

Having a website and a social media presence for your business is a good start, but you also need the right people to find them.

And in my experience, the best and easiest way to grow awareness of your business, get people over to your site and into your sales funnel is to use a content marketing strategy.

Wondering what I mean by content marketing?

It’s marketing your business using content – showcasing your knowledge and expertise.

Anything that tells a story, educates or entertains can be considered ‘content’ ….. such as blogs, videos, ebooks, social media posts, infographics, reports, diagrams.

Why is content such a great marketing tool?

The benefits of a content marketing are many!

For me, the top ones are:

  1. Building trust and credibility that you know what you’re talking about. This grows your brand reputation.
  2. Educating prospects about their problem and how your solution can help. It basically does the sales for you!
  3. Helping you get found via search. Google loves fresh content and lots of variety with well-placed keywords.
  4. Creating more external pathways into your website, and this is also something Google loves!
  5. Driving more traffic to your website (which you can then convert with well-placed lead magnets).

Ok, I think you get the picture!

Content is king when it comes to marketing.

Gone are the days where you simply advertise a product / service and people buy it.

These days we’ve got what I like to call ‘hyper-competition’.

There’s so many people offering the same services, that it’s almost overwhelming to choose one!

What do people do when they have too much choice? They go with their gut feeling – the one they TRUST the most.

This is why building trust in your brand is a top priority, and will end up saving you precious marketing dollars down the track.

Aside from great quality reviews from past customers, the best way to build trust is to SHOW people your expertise through quality content that appeals to your target ‘ideal’ customer.

Which means you need a content marketing plan.

What’s a content marketing plan?

Before we get into what a content marketing plan is, we should step back and look at the three key marketing plans your business needs.

  1. A marketing plan
  2. A content marketing plan
  3. A social media marketing plan


What’s the difference between a marketing plan, content marketing plan and social media marketing plan?

Your marketing plan is your strategic plan for marketing your business.

It covers your entire marketing strategy, brand strategy, product strategy and how you go to market, who you are targeting, and what tactics you are going to use to attract your ideal customer and move them through your marketing funnel – e.g. content, social media, advertising, PR, email marketing.

But it doesn’t go into detail about WHAT content, what posts, what topics or WHEN.

This is where the content marketing plan and social media marketing plan come in.

They specifically detail your approach for that element of your marketing plan. They outline your strategy for your content or social media, your specific objectives, and your approach.


A content marketing plan outlines your themes and topics, what sort of content you’ll produce (blogs, videos, social posts, live streams, infographics etc) and how/where you are going to publish and promote them.


A social media marketing plan outlines a strategy and specific objectives for each social platform you have named in your marketing plan. It details how often you’ll post, what sort of content you’ll post and how you’ll use that platform to support the broader business.

How to create a content marketing plan


First, refer to your marketing plan and in particular your customer avatar.

What do they want to know more about?

How can you educate them on their problem and also help position your solutions to their problem?

Next… think about what you’re planning this year – maybe you’re launching a new service, or you’re promoting a lead magnet to build your email list.

From this intel, you can identify topic ‘themes’ for your content plan.

For example, branding is one of my themes as there are many different topics relating to brand strategy I could talk about.

Under each theme, brainstorm individual topics for potential blogs, videos, infographics, ebooks or FB lives.

Decide on the frequency of your content and then select your publishing methods – how are you going to get your content seen by your ideal audience?


TIP: You should choose your publishing and promotion methods based on your ideal customers’ preferences for how they consume content. (Grab my free customer avatar worksheet to create a profiel of your ideal customer).

Finally, what is the call to action for each piece of content? You should have a marketing objective aside from building your profile as an expert in that space.

Marketing objectives could be based on:

  • Gaining new subscribers
  • New work enquiries
  • Joining your group
  • Registering to your event, course or webinar

There you have it – the basics you need to create a content marketing plan.

Need to improve your marketing?

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