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Create Your Irresistible Lead Magnet

That Attracts your Ideal Customer


3 Part Video Training

Thanks so much for joining me in this special training! 


Ready to watch the Training?

During this class I take you step by step through creating your irresistible lead magnet.

Please pause the video when you need more time to populate your workbook.

Part 1: defining your concept: who are you trying to attract and what do they really want?

Part 2: Creating your lead magnet: What format is best?

Part 3: Setting up the tech for an evergreen funnel that works while you’re sleeping!

Next Step: Promote your lead magnet


Now you know who you’re targeting and you’ve got something they want…. your next step is to build out your marketing plan to get your ideal customers subscribing and onto your email list.

The plan (and I don’t believe in long-winded ones) just outlines how you’re going to reach them, convert them to prospects, and then to customers.

But let’s start with getting them onto your email list!

First step is to create a great opt-in page where you promote the lead magnet and get them to sign up. You can also add opt-in forms in other relevant areas, such as in blog posts. 

My simple formula for an opt-in page has seen me achieve 80% conversions for my main lead magnet! 



Want to learn my secrets to a high-converting opt-in page?

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It’s marketing strategy in a nutshell, because I’m all about having the right strategy first, otherwise the activities you’re doing won’t be working.

Over 12 weeks (or less if you’re really keen to smash through the content) you’ll be guided on how to tailor your entire business to attract your ideal customer, with less effort!

We cover everything from pricing your services, building your funnel to maximise conversions, attracting the right people to your business (social media, SEO, advertising, PR) and how to retain customers for the profit growth.

You’ll have access to me each day to answer any questions or get support!

So, if that sounds like you, why not check BusinessJAM out?

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