Are you ready to attract the right clients with smarter marketing that works while you’re not?

Get the know-how to confidently market your services without icky sales tactics or under-selling your worth. 


For women serious about their business’ future!

Are you ready to attract the right clients with smarter marketing that works while you’re not?


Get the know-how to confidently market your services without icky sales tactics or under-selling your worth. 


For women serious about their business’ future!

So many dreamers are constantly running on the ‘marketing wheel’ but getting no sales.

They dabble in everything, without a clear plan of how to turn strangers into customers. And then, they quit – totally exhausted.

But then, there are those who follow my simple system and win customers while they sleep.

Is it TIME to 

Stop spinning wheels and get some real results?

You’ve done a good job getting your business launched, but you’re finding it hard to gain momentum.

Now you want smart strategies to market your business and systems that will deliver a consistent stream of quality leads and customers. 

And you don’t want to waste any more time – but you’re feeling really stuck when it comes to marketing – there’s so much to learn, too many options and you’re not sure where to focus your energy to get results happening fast.

Secretly, (you can close your eyes here)… you’re petrified that you’ve made a bad decision and that your business is going to be one of ‘those statistics’.

You want to get momentum and finally enjoy your business – right?

But where do you start?

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, it’s totally normal.

I’ve spent about 22 years immersed in marketing and I’m still learning more every single day!

However, through all that experience I’ve learnt how to identify the tactics that generate the best results.

And I can help you do the same.

You might have bought expensive courses promising to teach you the ‘one’ critical element.

But you’ve learnt there’s no ‘one’ key to success and you ended up none the wiser about how to put it all together in the right way to attract YOUR customers.

Good news is, marketing can be simple! It’s just about getting your strategy right first – then the tactics work!

That’s where I can help – I’ll give you personalised advice on the best strategy to market and grow your business.

Join me in the Marketing Momentum Mastermind today

…and get the support YOU need to market your business confidently and start growing!  


If you’re finally ready to:


Get paid what you’re actually worth (and more!)

Convert prospects into customers while you sleep.

⇒ Build an audience of raving fans who recommend you to their networks.

Attract the right customers to you every time.

Book out your services and have a healthy waitlist….

without all the trial and error, wasted time and burnout…

Then it’s time to get me on your team, get focused and start doing the things that get real results.

“Before I joined the Mastermind group I was feeling very lost. Since joining I have learned so much. I am confident knowing where my focus needs to be and I have all the tools I need to be successful in this area of my business.

Discovering who my ideal customer is and how to do a marketing plan was just some of the skills that have really helped me move forward.

Jessica is incredibly generous with her time and very knowledgeable when it comes to anything marketing. I would highly recommend joining the Mastermind group!”

Jamie Dunn, Founder, Pepper & Dunn

I have had a couple of business coaches throughout my business journey, but what Jess provides in her group coaching sessions and the support she provides has such incredible value.

When you are a startup, you need that help and guidance, but it is financially tough paying out hundreds of dollars per month……but Jessica’s mastermind group is the solution to this.

Jess is knowledgeable in all areas that an online business needs to cover and she gives practical, informative advice that can be implemented to achieve results.”

Natalie Churchill, Founder, Only Dream Dresses

Introducing the Marketing Momentum Mastermind

This is an online mastermind group program with a difference – it’s tailored to you! Whether you’re starting out, or needing a strategy reset – you’ll get the exact support you need to gain momentum.

It’s live group coaching with me (every week!) and self-paced learning combined to help you develop simple strategies to market your business that attracts your ideal customer and keeps them coming back for more!

What do you get?

Online Vault of Training, Templates, Tools & Tips

You’ll get access to my members’ portal containing all my templates, how-to guides, video tutorials, and previous training sessions on all aspects of running your business. Grab what you need right now, work at your own pace.

Weekly LIVE Coaching calls

  Each week you can join me online for a LIVE 1-hour group coaching session where you can ask me questions and get personalised advice on the problem you’re trying to solve. 


Monthly Expert Training Sessions

Each month we’ll deep dive into specific areas of marketing, business strategy, websites, social media, content, mindset – everything you need to grow a successful business. Training sessions are recorded and available in the members’ portal afterwards.  


Daily Support and Engagement

 In our members-only Facebook Group you’ll be able to ask me questions any time you need, chat with other members, bounce ideas around, get feedback and solve problems.

Member Hot Seats

Have the opportunity to take the hot seat in our Facebook Group and let us mastermind solutions to your challenges!

Private Coaching Discounts

As a mastermind member you’ll get special discounts on private coaching sessions if you want to step it up and get more direct help to take your biz to the next level.


= Momentum!

Jessica Osborn marketing coach for small business entrepreneurs

About Jessica Osborn; your coach and NEW business bestie!

First up, I’m not your average business coach!

I have a degree in business and marketing. AND, much more importantly, over 20 years’ experience creating marketing strategies to launch and grow businesses.

I made it to the top in the corporate world. I even helped a start-up become an ASX100 Company worth over 1 Billion, in less than 5 years!

BUT, as rewarding as that big stuff was, I chose to leave the 9-5 grind and start a coaching business offering my experience and knowledge to women just like you. Helping them become successful in their own business ventures.

I’ve been there and done pretty much everything when it comes to marketing! I’ve learnt a lot of lessons along the way, which means I can tell you what works and what doesn’t.

It’s different when it’s just you, working solo on a business, with no corporate budget to spend, or IT guys who can sort out your tech.

Everything comes down to your ability to market, and get results, on a shoe-string.

This is where I can help – I’ve founded two online businesses on very small budgets (less than $5,000 each) and made each of them a success. 

Because I knew how to market a business to my ideal customers, I achieved positive cash-flow the very first month that I began coaching clients.

I’m a big believer in keeping it simple, and my marketing systems focus on the best methods to attract your ideal customer and create the highest return on investment.

Cash-flow is super important for small businesses, so my goal is to get your revenue soaring so you can afford to outsource things that take up your precious time.

Then you can stay in your ‘genius zone’, doing what you do best.

Your success is my success – let’s rocket your business forward, together!

Jessica xxx

What’s Inside Marketing Momentum Mastermind?

Sort Your Strategy

» Business strategy – creating foundations for a growth business.

» Product and pricing strategies to generate higher profits.

» Targeting your ideal customer – working out exactly WHO you should be targeting and WHY.

» Branding and messaging to attract your ideal customer and effortlessly convert them.

Systems and Tech

» Optimising your website – how to make it work harder at converting leads.

» Systems and automation to have your business operating on autopilot.

» Customer experience to build a tribe of advocates for your business.

» Analytics – making sense of your data so you can improve.


Marketing and Sales

» Social media, advertising and PR to build your audience.

» Content marketing and blogging to drive traffic to your website

» Nurturing prospects via email marketing

» Sales funnels and advertising strategies to maximise sales.


Work at your own pace. Get the help you need to reach your goals.

I totally get it. You’re juggling the demands of kids, life and maybe even a job on the side!

You don’t want pressure to be working all the time (we do need sleep to operate!) but you know you could do with a bit of accountability too. 

Everyone’s business is different. Everyone’s situation is different too.

That’s why I focus on helping you develop your own strategy that suits YOUR goals, YOUR budget, YOUR customers and YOU!

Less stress, more action. Let’s do it together. xx


For a limited time, when you join, you’ll ALSO get these bonuses worth $700!

Creating Your Marketing Plan Masterclass

In 90 minutes you’ll be coached on how to build a simple, practical marketing plan using my awesome template – and you can get personal feedback from me to fine tune it!

Value $180 

50% off a 1 Hour Private Coaching Session

Kick start your transformation with a power hour, talk to me in depth about your business goals and get my advice on where to focus first.

Value $245 

A 30-Minute Video Review of Your Website 

Wondering if your website is a useful tool or holding you back? In 30 minutes I review your site and advise you on messaging, layout, content and design to drive more conversions.

Value $275 

Hear it straight from my members…

Let's stop that overwhelm and get focused!

Get my help to get your business on track this year!

Is MMM right for you?


You sell services, consulting, courses, or digital products.

You’ve been in business a few years and need to take a fresh look at your strategy because growth has stalled.

You’re just starting out in business, and want to get your strategy sorted right from the beginning.

You’re motivated to learn and can dedicate a little bit of time each week to work on your business (rather than ‘in’ it).

You like to engage in a group environment, share ideas and collaborate.


You’re looking for a get rich quick scheme. There’s no overnight success in the real world. If you’re chasing rainbows you’ll be disappointed.

You sell physical products and need specific retailing and wholesaling advice.

You’re in an MLM business.

You don’t have access to the internet. 

You’re looking for a magic solution that works instantly.

You expect someone else to do the work for you. 

Ok, you’re still here reading which means you’re a good fit. Hooray!

I know you’re knowledgeable about what you do, you just need help with the business side of things, and how to make it profitable.

You want to attract the right clients and keep them coming back (so you can spend less time ‘marketing’).

My systems help you get your business launched and growing without the ‘trial and error’. 

We’ll focus on the strategies that’ll make a difference to your bottom line and stop wasting time on things that don’t matter.

This is your chance to learn at your own pace but have the opportunity to get bits of personal feedback and advice from a coach (me!).

 I’m keen! What’s my Investment?

Online Vault of Training, Templates, Tools & Tips
Value: $1,900+

Weekly LIVE Coaching Sessions
Value: $5,200

Private Mastermind Group
Value: $2,000

Monthly Expert Training Sessions
Value: $1,800

Member Discounts
$ varies!



Creating Your Marketing Plan Masterclass
Value $180 

50% off a 1 Hour Private Coaching Session
Value $245 

A 30-Minute Recorded Video Review of Your Website
Value $275 

You get over $11,600+ of VALUE when you stay for 12 months!

Choose the membership option that’s best for you:

 1 year


$1997 AUD

1 time payment – get 2 months free!

That’s under $5.50 a day!  (less than the cost of a coffee and muffin!)



$197 AUD

Monthly payment – minimum 6 months

That’s under $6.60 a day!  (less than the cost of a coffee and cake!)

This is incredible value for business coaching!

Where else can you get so much support for so little, to help you reach your goals?

100% Satisfaction – 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

Still not sure? I get it – you want to make sure you’ve invested in something that will actually help you grow your business. So, here’s the deal. 


You’ve got 30 days to join, watch the training videos and download all the tools and templates. Do the masterclass on building your marketing plan, get your website reviewed and join the weekly coaching sessions. If, in that time, you don’t get value that will help you improve your business’ ability to win customers, then I’ll refund you 100%. Guaranteed. 

Plus, get access to our Guest Experts!


These lovely ladies are our Guest Experts! They run occasional in-depth training sessions for members (which are available in the members portal afterwards), PLUS they’re active in our Facebook group and ready to answer your questions on their area of expertise.  


Belinda Owen

Belinda Owen

Website design expert

Belinda is the founder of Belinda Owen Web Solutions, dedicated to taking the scary out of websites and business in general!

Belinda started in online business with an eCommerce store specialising in baby shoes. After building and designing her business from scratch, she quickly realised a passion for designing and teaching business solutions, specifically website design to other business women. Belinda has designed many websites ranging from eCommerce to service based and has a strong focus on user experience, ease of usability for both customer and client and taking the “scary” out of WordPress website ownership. 

Courtney Bowie

Courtney Bowie

Legal expert

Courtney Bowie is the founder and principal lawyer of Her Lawyer, a virtual law firm supporting ambitious women in business to achieve their goals.

Courtney is a commercial lawyer with over a decade of experience in the legal industry. Before starting Her Lawyer in 2017,  she worked as both a lawyer and a consultant in top tier firms. Courtney is passionate about helping women in business and achieving gender equality. Courtney specialises in helping clients with setting up and structuring their business, all sorts of contracts and agreements, commercial leasing, intellectual property, succession planning and resolving disputes as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Tamsin Starke

Tamsin Starke

Email Marketing expert

Tamsin Starke is the founder of The Email Marketing Mum, specialising in email marketing for small businesses.

She supports business owners with their email strategy – whether they’re just starting out or have been in business for a while. Email marketing is Tamsin’s favourite marketing channel because it’s relatively cheap to run and has the highest Return On Investment (ROI) of all online marketing channels. What’s not to love about that! Before she started The Email Marketing Mum, Tamsin worked in not-for-profits for more than 10 years in both Australia and South Africa, so she knows how to market on a tight budget and make every dollar count.

Melanie Gould

Melanie Gould

Mindset expert

Melanie is a coach and founder of Human Nurture Network – bringing together a community of amazing women dedicated to building their mindset, designing authentic lives and making the world a better place through giving back.

Melanie has combined a degree in psychology with studies in applied neuroscience and life coaching to offer an evidence based coaching practice with a strong grounding in positive psychology. Melanie has been in business in the wine industry since 2011 and loves to support other women in business with mindset and life balance tools to avoid overwhelm and achieve their dreams.

Kaity Griffen

Kaity Griffen

Google Ads Expert

Kaity is the founder of Sunday Digital, focused on empowering and training small businesses to grow using a profit focused Google Ads strategy.

Kaity has been working in the online world for over 10 years, and successfully ran her own e-commerce business before deciding to specialise in Google Ads. After years of working agency side with clients like Showpo, Swimwear Galore and Brian Tracy, Kaity branched out and launched Sunday Digital. Her goal is to teach entrepreneurs a B.S. free way to use Google Ads and how to get results on a small budget, without needing to hire someone to do it for them.

Sounds amazing, right? What are you waiting for?


$10,900+ value …. plus $700 bonuses (that’s over $11,600!)

YOU pay just $1997 for 12 months! 


Come and join me in the Marketing Momentum Mastermind and let’s get YOUR business growing!


Your Questions answered

What’s different about this mastermind group?

There’s a members’ portal with loads of great DIY training and content for you to consume at your leisure, plus you get the benefit of live coaching to give you personalised advice.

You get WEEKLY access to chat to me and get my support to help you plan what’s next for you.

There’s also the benefit of the mastermind aspect, where you can leverage the depth of experience in the group to help you make decisions. 

How do I access the content?

When you join you’ll get a login and password to access the members portal on my website. In there you’ll find videos, training sessions, tools and templates, categorised to make it easy to find the stuff you need to work on right now.

It’s all available right from the start, so you can get stuck right in and work as fast or slow as you like!

When are the group sessions?

The members regularly vote on the times that suit them best, then I set two alternate times which we swap between each week to give everyone a chance to join the calls. One daytime, one evening.

Can I join the group session every week?

Absolutely! Every week I’ll be available for an hour to answer questions and give advice to your specific questions. If you have questions in between the calls you can post them in the Facebook Group and get a response right back.

How do the payments work?

It’s an one time payment via PayPal. Or, if you choose the monthly payment option, it’s an automatic payment that will come out each month.

You don’t need a PayPal account to sign up, you can simply put your credit card or debit card details in and PayPal will handle the rest.

What happens when I want to cancel my monthly membership? 

You can cancel anytime after the initial 6 months, no questions asked. Simply send me an email at least a week before your next payment.

Ready to get started?

Doors are open right now! Imagine what you could achieve in just 6 months?

© Jessica Osborn 2019