Marketing Momentum Mastermind

Hosted by Marketing and Business Coach Jessica Osborn

Confidently promote your business using no-fluff marketing that gets you the right customers every time, all the time.

(Without the overwhelm, icky sales tactics or under-selling your worth).

Does this sound like you?
You’ve been running your business for a little while, but finding it hard to get momentum. Some months are good, some terrible! You’re starting to worry about where your next client is coming from.

You’ve dabbled in Facebook advertising, Google, LinkedIn, local mags and pretty much anything you can think of to find prospects but it’s harder than you thought to attract paying customers.

You’re feeling overwhelmed when it comes to marketing. Everyone’s got different advice, there’s so much to learn, what should you do first? Who do you listen to?

You’re looking for smart ways to market your business using no-cost and low-cost strategies. You don’t want to waste any more time, you just want to do the stuff that will generate results.

You’re keen to automate your marketing and sales so you can spend more time on what you love, and less time glued to Facebook. (Yup, I get it! We’ve all been there!). But when you think about automation, you have no idea where to start!

YES? Totally normal. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

I don’t have a magic ‘blueprint’ because every business is unique. But I help you find the best way to market your business.

Join me in the Marketing Momentum Mastermind today

and get the support YOU need to market your business confidently and start growing!  

You will Learn ABOUT
Business strategy – creating foundations for a growth business.

Product and pricing strategies to generate higher profits.

Targeting your ideal customer – working out exactly WHO you should be targeting and WHY.

Branding and messaging to attract your ideal customer and effortlessly convert them.

Your website and how to make it work harder for you.

Social media, advertising and PR to build your audience.

Content marketing and blogging to drive traffic to your website

Nurturing prospects via email marketing

Sales funnels and advertising strategies to maximise sales.

Customer experience to build a tribe of advocates for your business.

Analytics – making sense of your data so you can improve.

And more!

Stop feeling overwhelmed!

Get my help to get your business on track in 2019


About Marketing Momentum MasterminD

This is an online group coaching program for women who want to grow their business. Women CEOs who want to learn simple strategies to market their business that attracts their ideal customer, and keeps them coming back for more!

Everyone’s business is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing either. That’s why I focus on helping you develop your own strategy that suits YOUR market, YOUR budget, YOUR customers and YOU!

Self-paced Learning

You’ll get access to a special members-zone where you can access tonnes of advice on every topic, step-by-step guides, watch videos, download templates and tools whenever you like.

Weekly Live Coaching

Each week you can join me for a LIVE 1 hour group call where you can ask me questions to get personalised advice for your business, and learn from what others are doing.

Member Hot Seats

Have the opportunity to take the hot seat and let us mastermind solutions to your challenges.

Expert Training Sessions

Each month we’ll deep dive into specific areas of marketing, business strategy, websites, social media, apps and plugins – everything you need to grow a successful business. Live sessions will be recorded and available in the members zone afterwards.

Daily Support and Engagement

In our members-only Facebook Group you’ll be able to ask questions, chat with others, bounce ideas around, get feedback and solve problems.

Private Coaching Discounts

As a mastermind member you’ll get special discounts on private coaching sessions if you want to step it up and get my help to take your biz to the next level.

VALUE = $600+ per month

Your Membership = $97 per month (AUD)


For a limited time, when you join, you’ll ALSO get these awesome bonuses worth $700!

Finding Your Ideal Customer Masterclass

Value $150 – INCLUDED

50% off a 1 Hour Coaching Session

Value $275 – INCLUDED

A Video Review of Your Website

Value $275 – INCLUDED

Join us today on a simple monthly subscription with NO lock-in.

Cancel whenever you like, no questions asked.


How easy is that?

This is for you, if

You recently started your own business, and want to get your strategy sorted right from the beginning.

Or you’ve been in business a few years and need to take a fresh look at your strategy because growth has stalled.

You’re knowledgeable about what you do, you just need help with the business strategy to make it profitable.

You want guidance on the best ways to market yourself so you can attract the right clients and keep them coming back.

You’re looking for advice on everything from social media to branding, sales funnels to customer experience.

You want to focus on the strategies that’ll make a difference to your bottom line and stop wasting time doing ‘everything’.

You like to learn at your own pace, but wish for the opportunity to get bits of personal feedback and advice from a coach.

You want to learn how to DIY so you are more knowledgable, and learn how to outsource effectively.

You like being part of a group of like-minded women, to learn from each other, share ideas and get support.

Grow your audience
Convert more prospects
Grow your revenue and profits
Achieve your goals
“With Jess’s guidance, my business and I have developed so much more than I anticipated. Through the highs and lows she kept me focused on the big picture and working toward a clear vision.

I have learned so much, my confidence has grown and I feel like the path ahead of me is now mapped out and I’m ready to take on 2019!”

Ruth Muller, Founder, Print Ark 

How it works

Stay a little, or a long time

There’s no minimum term and no end date either! Cancel whenever you like, no questions asked. 

New content each month

New training sessions available each month, new templates and new content – the longer you stay the more you get! 

Instant access to everything

In your members zone you’ll have instant access to all the content, right from the moment you join.

Locked in pricing

As long as you remain a member your price will remain the same! Guaranteed!

Get the support you need to grow


Invest in yourself to invest in your business’ future.


Jessica Osborn marketing coach for small business entrepreneurs
About me, your coach and NEW business bestie!

First up, I’m not your average business coach.

I have a degree in business and marketing. AND, much more importantly, over 20 years’ experience creating marketing strategies to launch and grow businesses.

I made it to the top in the corporate world. BUT, I chose to leave the 9-5 grind and start a coaching business offering my experience and knowledge to women just like you – helping them become successful in their own business ventures.

It’s so much more rewarding than answering to a Board of Directors!

And of course, on a personal level, I can’t place enough value on the freedom running my own business gives me – being in charge of my own day, working around my family life and giving my young kids the support they need from their mum!

What I’m trying to say is, I’ve been there and done pretty much everything when it comes to marketing! I learnt a lot of lessons along the way, which means I can tell you what works and what doesn’t.

It’s different when it’s just you working solo on a business, with no corporate budget to spend, or IT guys who can sort out your tech.

This is where I can help – I’ve founded two online businesses on very small budgets (less than $5,000 each) and made each of them a success. The first one, an e-commerce site, I recently sold. The second, is this one!

Because I knew how to market a business to my ideal customers, I achieved positive cash-flow the very first month that I began coaching clients.

I am a big believer in keeping it simple, and my marketing methods focus on selecting the right methods to attract your ideal customer without spending lots of money.

Cash-flow is super important for small businesses, so my goal is to get your revenue soaring so you can afford to outsource the things that take up your time.

Then you can stay in your ‘genius zone’, doing what you do best.

I can help you, let’s do it together.

Jessica xxx

“I love how straightforward and to the point Jess is. I really appreciate this about her and her approach to coaching, as I feel like most biz mums don’t have time to muck around!

Jess offers so much support, all the time & is really easy going and lovely to chat with!” Kathrin Botteril

Founder, Be Fit Mums

“Jessica is amazing! She helped me clarify my ‘brand’ and provided direction and know-how around building my business online. She is down-to-earth, approachable and an absolute wealth of knowledge.

We achieved more in our first coaching session than I had managed to do in months on my own. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Tracey Mottershead

Owner, MMO HR Solutions

“I would work with Jess on an ongoing basis if I could! The value she was able to add to my marketing plan, specific objectives as well to my business as a whole has been huge.

We made some great changes to my business, which critically has made me much more profitable. Thanks Jess!” Gwen Sams

Founder, Love Aunty Amy

What are you waiting for?


$600+ monthly value PLUS $700 bonuses  

YOU pay just $97 per month!


Come and join me in the MMMastermind and let’s get YOUR business growing!


Your Questions answered

How long does the mastermind run for?

It’s for as long as you need it! There’s going to be new content every week and new training every month, so the longer you stay the more value you’ll get.

There’s NO minimum term and no end date.

How do the payments work?

It’s an ongoing monthly subscription via Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account to sign up, you can simply put your credit card or debit card details in and Paypal will handle the rest.

How do I access the content?

When you join you’ll get a login and password to access the members zone. In there you’ll find videos, content, tools and templates, categorised to make it easy to find the stuff you need right now.

Can I join the group coaching call every week?

Absolutely! Every week I’ll be available for an hour to answer questions and give advice to your specific questions. If you have questions in between the calls you can post them in the Facebook Group and get a response right back.

How do I cancel when I want to leave?

Super easy, you just email me. I’ll cancel your payments and we’re all done. Hopefully you’ll leave a nice review too!

What happens if I cancel but then want to rejoin – will my pricing be the same?

While you’re a member your monthly fee will remain the same, no matter how long you stay. But if you leave and then decide to come back, you’ll need to pay the current advertised rate.

Ready to get started?

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