We all want to reach that next level, but most don’t get there. Usually we look to the external factors for answers, but often it’s the internal alignment that’s out of place and stopping growth.

Transformation isn’t meant to be comfortable, is it? It’s going to challenge your beliefs, push you out of your comfort zone and feel challenging.

What I love about this interview with co-founders of GYFT, is that they’re so open and honest about the struggles they had to change their beliefs, reengineer their strategy and ultimately achieve a true transformation of their business.

From struggling to cover their overheads to paying themselves salary – it’s incredible what a huge transformation these two have achieved in such a short space of time. Revenue growth of 500-600% – congratulations Catherine and Natalie!

Listen to hear about exactly how they transformed their business, what key changes they made and how it’s changed their plans for their future growth too.