Learn the skills to do your own marketing like a pro!


Practical – Implement Immediately – Up To Date Strategies That Work

These online marketing courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule – because we all need less stress and more flexibility in our lives. Start whenever you like and go at your own pace.

My video and text-based teaching give you practical, step-by-step instructions on how to develop your own marketing strategies and implement them successfully.

No fluff or out-dated theory here, I only teach the exact methods I use myself, learned over my successful 20 year career in marketing, and 10 years as a business owner.

Enjoy lifetime access to the course content and templates so you can refresh your memory.

Business JAM – my signature marketing strategy course

Align your marketing strategy to achieve your business goals

Get your strategy sorted and create a simple marketing plan to attract your ideal customer in less than 12 weeks. 

I know you’ll cringe when I say “marketing is easy, you just need to know what to focus on” – but that’s the simple truth, and too many business owners don’t have a clear strategy. 

Time to change all that!

Let’s get your marketing strategy aligned to your business goals … so you can FOCUS on the right activities to grow revenue and profits.

Uncover Your Ideal Customer & How to Attract Them (in just 90 mins!)

An intensive 90 minute masterclass to get your targeting strategy right!

Learn who your ideal customer really is, what makes them tick and how to communicate your business to them so they become active buyers. 

You’ll complete this masterclass with your ideal customer avatar PLUS 3 key marketing messages to attract them.

This is the first place I recommend ANY small business owner starts, as without this crucial knowledge, your business will continue to struggle!

Build Your Audience on Facebook – Online Masterclass

Learn how to use Facebook to build an audience of your ideal customers and drive qualified leads for your business.

Learn about optimising your Facebook presence so you’re found by the right people, and are able to convert them into paying clients and customers.

In this masterclass I cover strategies to maximise your page, understanding how to leverage the algorithm to your advantage, and tips on using ads, videos, groups and messenger.

If you need to learn more about using Facebook to grow your business, this masterclass will give you the groundwork you need to start today.

PR Basics for Small Biz – Coming SOON!

How to write a press release and get published in the media

Learn how to use PR to build a strong brand reputation and generate more leads through word of mouth.

In this course we cover when to use a press release vs a media pitch, what to put in them and how to create a PR strategy to get maximum coverage for your business each time.

This course is not just theory, you’ll write a press release, create your media pack and build your PR strategy.

Marketing Messages That Convert – Coming SOON!

How to create engaging copy that attracts your ideal customer

In this course you will identify your ideal customer, then learn how to craft your major messages for marketing your business: your elevator pitch and your unique value proposition.

Write your social media profile, about us page, copy for your Facebook ads and more!

No more struggling with writing copy for your marketing activities, in this course you’ll write all your key marketing messages so they’re ready to use, aligned and consistent with your brand – forming the foundation of all your business communication hereafter.