Strategy Sessions

Need just a single 1:1 consult to set you on the right path? A strategy session is just what you need.  

If you don’t need regular coaching sessions to support you through your next development phase, a strategy session (or two!) could be your secret weapon for growth.

Maybe you need to take a fresh look at your business and market strategy…

…or maybe you just need some advice to solve a particular issue, make a plan and give you the confidence to move forward.

Why choose me as your coach?

You’ll benefit from my 20+ years’ experience in marketing – growing brands and businesses.

I’ve managed teams for some of the largest companies in the world, and worked for small businesses and start-ups, including two I founded myself! So I know how to get results with small budgets.

Put that together with my experience creating two successful businesses of my own, you’ll find that I can help you create the foundation for a growth business by focusing on the right things first. 

I can motivate you to reach for goals you didn’t think possible, and keep you on track while you execute your plan.

Think of me as your new business BFF! 

My time is your time – our coaching session is completely tailored to your needs. 

Choose your strategy session option

If you need advice on your marketing strategy so you can make a solid plan to grow your business – you need a Strategy Deep Dive.

In this intense 2 hour session we will deep dive into your current marketing strategy and identify how you can increase leads and sales, plus help you create an prioritised action plan, so you know what to focus on next.

If you simply need help to solve a problem, make a decision, or want clarity on your next best step – hit me up for an Hour of Power.

In our power-hour, I can help you clarify your marketing strategy; give advice on your messaging, audience targeting or funnels; work out your pricing and product offering; or help with a particular problem.

How does it work?

Book your preferred session from the above options.

After you’ve paid, you’ll be sent a link to my calendar to choose a time that suits you.

I’ll also get you to complete a bit of background info on your business so I can do the assessment on your business and we’ll use our time in the session for discussing next steps.

Our session is done via Zoom video conferencing and I can record it for you if you wish.

You’ll get a stack of advice and ideas, so be ready with a pen!

And then you can contact me with any queries in the 2 weeks afterwards while you’re busy implementing your plan.

Need another session? No problem, you can either do single sessions on an as-needs basis or move over to my monthly plan for continued support and regular calls.

What my clients have to say

“I’ve been part of Jess’ business tribe for… AGES now! So she was the first person I turned to when I recently made the impulsive decision to reposition my business to niche in a different space to what I was working in. I knew it was the right direction for me – but, overwhelmed with an existing client workload I didn’t have the mental space (or confidence) to move myself forward to re-market my business to a new audience, with a new service, and higher price points.

Jess cuts through your confusion and sets you on a clear path. She understands who you are and what you’re trying to achieve and gives you educated guidance and motivation to make the changes needed to see you thrive. Thanks Jess – I’m loving my business these days; the reposition seemed effortless!!”

Kelly Stone

Founder, Craft My Content

“2018 was my year to focus and get on track in my business and Jessica helped me do just this. 
I found her to be an amazing business coach who helped guide me when I was lost and push me that bit further when I needed it. Encouraging and knowledgeable I felt supported and learnt so so much.

With her marketing advice on board I will continue to implement strategies and advice and this will benefit my business for years to come. Thank you Jessica!”

Ruth Muller

Founder, Print Ark

“Jessica is amazing! She helped me clarify my ‘brand’ and provided direction and know-how around building my business online. She is down-to-earth, approachable and an absolute wealth of knowledge. We achieved more in our first coaching session than I had managed to do in months on my own. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Tracey Mottershead

Founder, MMO HR Solutions

What am I like to work with?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I am a ‘no bullshit’ person; I will not shy away from telling you what the issues are that I can see and I won’t waste your time with ‘fluff’.

We will just get straight down to work and start doing the things that are going to give you the most impact.

I will always explain why I am recommending any course of action so you can make informed decisions and you remain totally in control of the direction you take your business.

You’re the one who really knows your business and your customers; I will bring to the table my experience in brand strategy, engaging your audience, creating a positive experience through all types of communication, and how to track/analyse results.

I won’t try to give you advice about things that are outside of my expertise either.

Instead I will tell you how to get the right support and make recommendations on who can give it to you.

And quite frankly – sometimes you simply need a fresh set of experienced eyes, such as mine, to give you that amazing new idea and strategy that could totally skyrocket your business – and give you the extra confidence to fly.


Jessica Osborn - Business Coaching Service Provider