Ready to break free of the hourly rate and discover the easiest way to boost revenue?

Many online consultants, coaches & VAs are struggling to scale.

They’re stuck trading time for money and burn out before they discover the best way to increase revenue without adding more time to their day.

The momentum Club

The Momentum Club is my online group coaching program for women who are committed to reaching the next level in their business – where they’re finally achieving consistent profitable growth – all without losing their precious family time, or their sanity!

Doors OPEN now – gear for growth in 2021

Ready to break free of the hourly rate and discover the easiest way to boost revenue?

Many online consultants, coaches & VAs are struggling to scale.

They’re stuck trading time for money and burn out before they discover the best way to increase revenue without adding more time to their day.

The momentum Club

The Momentum Club is my online group coaching program for women who are committed to reaching the next level in their business – where they’re finally achieving consistent profitable growth – all without losing their precious family time, or their sanity!

Are you ready to get your growth strategy in place and shift the needle in your business?

Hey there!


If you’re anything like me, you just want to have more revenue coming in consistently, but working less hours so your business is growing while you’ve got more time for all the important things in life – family, friends, travel, and let’s not forget looking after ourselves!

Do I hear a voice shouting “OMG, yes!!”

Well then, my dear, it’s time to break free from the strategy that got you to where you are, because it’s what’s holding back your growth!

While you’re maxed-out servicing your clients right now, you probably don’t have the brain space for building your next-level strategy, or the energy to work out how to make it happen!

That’s ok.

Cause it’s exactly what I’ve got waiting for you in The Momentum Club.

If you’ve been thinking about online courses, memberships or group programs, but just not sure how to incorporate it into your business without busting the whole ship apart, this program is PERFECT for you! 

I’ll help you create your growth strategy to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Jessica Osborn's Group Coaching Program - The Momentum Club - for women in services businesses

Come and join me in The Momentum Club

…and get the support YOU need to grow your business and reach your next level!

I love being a member of The Momentum Club as it’s like having a group of biz buddies that I can always bounce ideas around with which is pretty special for a work at home mum like me!

Since joining I have been supported through exciting changes to my business such as running my first challenge, starting and building my first FB group, totally pivoting my business from product-based to service-based and building and selling my first online course!

I’m pretty independent so being in this club is perfect for me as I can seek as much or as little support as I need.


Founder, Rebel Eco

Jessica helped me to set up my online strategy, streamline my message and help me to prioritize my goals. She taught me the basics of online marketing and helped me understand the process so I can start growing from there.

I started as a online marketing novice one year ago with a clear vision and goal but no idea how to reach it, and now I have a clear online marketing strategy, know how to do Facebook ads and how to write engaging content that speaks to my ideal customer.

Jessica is very proactive, she gives excellent customer service and is always there to help and make you improve! Love working with her I truly recommend her she is my marketing rock.


Founder, The Road To Leadership

About The Momentum Club Group Coaching Progam

The Momentum Club group coaching program is designed to help you scale your services business to maximise your revenue without maxing-out your time – hello life!

Through my signature “Path to Prosperity” Strategic Framework you’ll learn how to:


Develop your identity as an expert in your niche to become the obvious choice for the right clients.


Design a scalable business model with tiered services and digital products, boosting retention and lifetime customer value.


Build your marketing plan and optimise your marketing and sales activities to improve conversions and return on investment.


Streamline your systems to reduce your ‘work’ time and create an exceptional customer experience that leaves your clients wanting more!

This is the exact method I used to grow my business by 300%. I went from doing high-touch 1:1 servicing that left me mentally exhausted and maxed out with my time, to helping more clients and delivering bigger impacts through leveraged 1:many solutions. 

My clients have launched businesses in less than 3 months, increased revenue by up to 500%, and shifted their reality from struggling entrepreneur with a dream, to successful business owner living the dream. You could too.

Fast-track your progress with the knowledge and systems to help you accelerate, spend less time and money on tactics that aren’t producing results.  

Simplify. Streamline. Scale.

Imagine… if this was you!

From part-time dental assistant bored of her job, to founder of 2 online businesses in just 2 years and NOW an online membership!

“Jess helped me launch my membership and I was so excited to get 20 members on my first round as I was not expecting to!”

From stressed corporate manager missing time with her son to co-founder of a global community to inspire women leaders + management consultant! 

“Starting from scratch in just one month I secured my first management training contract! Thank you Jess!”

What’s inside this amazing club?

Unlike many so called ‘group coaching’ programs, this isn’t a large impersonal group of thousands. It’s small. Intimate. I get to know YOU and your business.

You get access to ME – not a bunch of people I’ve hired!

What we do in here is also different. Because I’ve based it on what people have told me they really want, so you won’t find it a cookie cutter of another program.

You want me to review some copy? Sure! Simply post it in the group for feedback. Need some advice on your services and pricing? Great! Let me help you.

You won’t find anything else quite like this. That’s why my members stay.

What you get as a member of TMC:


Live group Zoom sessions where you can “pick my brains” and connect with others in the group.


Daily support, coaching & community in our private members-only Facebook group.


Live expert masterclass each month hosted by myself, or a guest expert – each valued at $250+ per person.


24/7 access to online video lessons with worksheets and supporting tools to help you take action.


Extra support from our fabulous Guest Experts who are specialists in their chosen field.


Library of previous masterclasses, training and tutorials so you can grab what you need on any topic when you need it. Valued at over $2,200


Discounted private coaching for those times you want extra focus.


Opportunities to join special group coaching PODs for focus coaching over 6 weeks. (More info provided inside!)


= Momentum!

Hold on! Did someone say BONUS?


When you join, you’ll ALSO get these incredible bonuses!



LIFETIME access to Business JAM with all future updates!

Business JAM (Just Authentic Marketing) is my signature program that takes you step by step through building your foundational strategy to market your business. 

This strategy work is what we need to come back and revisit every time we’re working on expanding or growing our business. Every pivot, every new revenue stream, or even when you’re ready to step it up a notch!

Doing this foundational strategy keeps you aligned and focused on moving forward, overcoming roadblocks to reach your goals. 

Value $1197 AUD 


The ULTIMATE Masterclass Bundle

Get stuck in with these three awesome masterclasses! Lifetime access.

Bundle Value $445 AUD 


Meet our amazing Guest Experts!


These lovely ladies are our Guest Experts! They run some of our monthly in-depth training sessions (available in the members portal afterwards). PLUS they’re active in our Facebook support group and ready to answer your questions on their area of expertise.


Tamsin Starke

Tamsin Starke

Email Marketing expert

Tamsin Starke is the founder of The Email Marketing Mum, specialising in email marketing for small businesses.

She supports business owners with their email strategy – whether they’re just starting out or have been in business for a while. Email marketing is Tamsin’s favourite marketing channel because it’s relatively cheap to run and has the highest Return On Investment (ROI) of all online marketing channels. What’s not to love about that! Before she started The Email Marketing Mum, Tamsin worked in not-for-profits for more than 10 years in both Australia and South Africa, so she knows how to market on a tight budget and make every dollar count.

Kaity Griffen

Kaity Griffen

Google Ads Expert

Kaity is the founder of Sunday Digital, focused on empowering and training small businesses to grow using a profit focused Google Ads strategy.

Kaity has been working in the online world for over 10 years, and successfully ran her own e-commerce business before deciding to specialise in Google Ads. After years of working agency side with clients like Showpo, Swimwear Galore and Brian Tracy, Kaity branched out and launched Sunday Digital. Her goal is to teach entrepreneurs a B.S. free way to use Google Ads and how to get results on a small budget, without needing to hire someone to do it for them.

Belinda Owen

Belinda Owen

Website design expert

Belinda is the founder of Belinda Owen Web Solutions, dedicated to taking the scary out of websites and business in general!

Belinda started in online business with an eCommerce store. After building and designing her business from scratch, she quickly realised a passion for designing and teaching website solutions, specifically WordPress design for other women with online services businesses.

Belinda has designed many websites over the years and has a strong focus on user experience, ease of usability for both customer and client and taking the “scary” out of WordPress website ownership. 

Melanie Gould

Melanie Gould

Mindset expert

Melanie is a coach and founder of Human Nurture Network – bringing together a community of amazing women dedicated to building their mindset, designing authentic lives and making the world a better place through giving back.

Melanie has combined a degree in psychology with studies in applied neuroscience and life coaching to offer an evidence based coaching practice with a strong grounding in positive psychology. Melanie has been in business in the wine industry since 2011 and loves to support other women in business with mindset and life balance tools to avoid overwhelm and achieve their dreams.

Courtney Bowie

Courtney Bowie

Legal expert

Courtney Bowie is the founder and principal lawyer of Her Lawyer, a virtual law firm supporting ambitious women in business to achieve their goals.

Courtney is a commercial lawyer with over a decade of experience in the legal industry. Before starting Her Lawyer in 2017,  she worked as both a lawyer and a consultant in top tier firms. Courtney is passionate about helping women in business and achieving gender equality. Courtney specialises in helping clients with setting up and structuring their business, all sorts of contracts and agreements, commercial leasing, intellectual property, succession planning and resolving disputes as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Emma Edwards

Emma Edwards

Copywriter and Communications Strategist

Emma is the founder of Words for Purpose – a copywriting and communications consultancy for purpose-driven people and organisations. 

She helps small businesses and charities build a deeper connection with their customers and supporters, to drive action and draw in revenue. Originally a journalist in Northern Ireland, she spent a decade in media and communications management before establishing her consulting business in 2017.

Now based in Queensland, Emma specialises in brand voice consulting, storytelling and copywriting for websites, blogs, emails and everything in between! 

If not now, then when?


What’s it costing you to not take action?

How much additional revenue are you missing out on each month from not taking action to grow your business?

There’s never a perfect time, now’s the right time.

I’ll share with you the exact systems and strategies I’ve used with clients who’ve achieved growth of 300% – 500% in less than 6 months!

Plus, you’ll get all the inside knowledge on how I run my own consistently growing online coaching business, with 1:1, a membership and courses, working from home and only part-time hours.

If you want growth, without all the trial and error, wasted time and burnout… 


… then it’s time to take action, get focused and get your strategy sorted!

Is TMC right for you?


If you’re a female consultant, coach or VA / services business and you operate primarily online with 1:1 and/or group services, it’s ideal for you!

You want to create a growth strategy for your business so that you can scale to reach your next level (and beyond).

Perhaps you’re completely booked up with 1:1 and want to reduce your hours and stress levels. 

Maybe you have dreams to add an online course, membership or group program, but you’re stuck with exactly how to turn your expertise into a program that people actually want to buy. 

Or, maybe you’re stuck on pricing because you know you’re undercharging but feel scared to raise your prices in case you lose clients.

If you’re motivated to take action and implement the things you learn, while going at your own pace – you’ll find the self-paced nature of this program just perfect for you. 

If you love to access bite-size lessons online in your own time and then join in group coaching sessions or post in the Facebook group to get my help, it’s ideal for you.

If you’re wanting access to a coach (me!) without the cost of private sessions – you’ll love it.


Let’s be totally honest here: it’s not for everyone!

If you’re a bricks and mortar business, or your primary business is an e-commerce store, this isn’t designed for you.

If you’re the kind of person who likes learning but never gets around to implementing – this isn’t going to work for you, so don’t waste your time. Real results come from action, not knowledge. 

Likewise, if you’re a lurker who doesn’t get involved in the group activities, you’ll get limited value from this program. Sure the online training is great – you can achieve success from simply implementing what you learn there, but feedback from your coach and peers is going to take you to the next level much faster. 

If you’re expecting instant overnight results like you’ve taken a magic pill to transport you into the future – then it’s not for you either. Business isn’t a quick fix, it’s a long game. We can make it faster, and more fun, yes! But you need to invest your time to make it happen and be prepared to test things out too!

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to commit to building your business, and you’re just wanting to sticky beak at the content – it’s definitely not for you!

Feel like you’ve got no time to invest in a program like this?

I totally understand just how scarce time is, especially when you’re running a business, raising a family and trying to have a bit of social life too! Maybe even working a job on the side?

You might be thinking, how the heck am I meant to fit in more things when I’m already working more than I want to be? 

Let’s ask a different question: Can you afford NOT to invest in your growth?

Imagine if you could add more revenue and actually get time back for your life?

This group coaching program is self-paced, so you’ll never fall behind or feel stressed. If you’ve got just an hour a week, that’s fine! 

In TMC I’ll help you streamline and get rid of the time-sucking things that aren’t delivering you the returns you need. 

I’ll help you decide what to STOP doing, and what you can get rid of to improve your time-to-revenue ratio. (Or what you can outsource!)

Simplify. Streamline. Scale.

When you’re focused on these 3 zones that generate success, you’ll find that you’ve got more time than you realise and your business is enjoyable!

Hear it straight from my members…

Jessica Osborn marketing coach for small business entrepreneurs

Hi, I’m Jessica

I’m a marketing strategist and business coach, work-at-home mum to 2 little ones, chief snack maker and self-appointed connoisseur of fine wines, coffee and chocolate!

I have a degree in marketing and psychology. But, more importantly, over 20 years’ experience leading marketing teams to launch and grow businesses before I left the ‘office’ to create more success, impact, and fulfilment through coaching other women on business growth strategy.

Everything comes down to your ability to market, have a solid foundation and strategies to scale revenue without adding more complexity.

This is where I can help – I’ve founded two online services businesses and achieved cash-flow positive business within the first 6 months of both.

I’m a big believer in keeping it simple, and my systems focus on the best methods to attract your ideal customer and create consistent growth.

I’ve been able to achieve my dream lifestyle of working part-time from home and doing work I LOVE every day! And can help you do the same.

My 1:1 clients pay up to $10,000 to work with me on this same strategic framework.

Now you can get my help via this online group coaching program for a mere fraction of that! I’m here to help you succeed – let’s do this!


Jessica xxx

Your success is my success

Join me today and let’s take action to grow your business!

 I’m keen! What’s my Investment?


Let’s quickly recap… you get ALL this….


24/7 access to online video lessons with worksheets and supporting tools to help you take action.


Live group coaching sessions with me every month, and hot seat opportunities.


Daily support, mentoring & community in our private members-only Facebook group.


Access to support from our fabulous Guest Experts who are specialists in their chosen field. Value ? Priceless!


Live expert masterclass each month hosted by myself, or by a guest expert – each valued at $250.


Library of previous masterclasses, training and tutorials so you can grab what you need on any topic when you need it. Valued at over $2,200


Discounted private coaching for those times you want extra focus.


Opportunities to join special group coaching PODs for focus coaching over 6 weeks. (More info provided inside!)

Plus these incredible bonuses:


BONUS #1: Business JAM Lifetime Access (on the standard level), Value $1,197

BONUS #2: ULTIMATE Masterclass Bundle, Value $445

Total Bonuses Value $1,642 AUD

 Join today for just


$297 AUD

Monthly payments, 6 months minimum.

Why 6 months? Because you can’t actually transform your business in less – but stay as long as you like!

100% Satisfaction – 365 Day Risk Free Guarantee

Still not sure? I get it – you want to make sure you’ve invested in something that will actually help you grow your business.

So, here’s the deal.


You’ve got a whole 365 days. If, in that time, you follow the strategies outlined in my program and you aren’t able to grow your revenue and profit, I will refund you 100% of your investment. Simply contact me and provide the evidence to show your work and implementation of the strategies to obtain the refund.

Sounds amazing, right?


Come and join me in The Momentum Club and let’s get YOUR business growing!


Got more questions? I’ve got answers!

How do I know if it’s right for me?

If your business is a service you provide mostly online – consulting, coaching, VA, design, or other online service – then it’s designed with you in mind.

This isn’t a large group of thousands where you’re left to go it alone – quite the opposite! I’m your coach and here to support you to succeed! I take the time to get to know you. 

You’ll have instant access to all my online resources, masterclasses and previous training sessions for the group.

Plus you get all my templates, tutorials and tools to consume at your leisure, with new ones added monthly.

The group coaching calls give you face to face time with me, while you can get a response on questions daily in the support group on FB.

My Guest Experts give you extra support on their specialist areas.


How do I access the content?

When you join you’ll get a login and password to access the members portal on my website. In there you’ll find videos, training sessions, tools and templates, categorised to make it easy to find the stuff you need to work on right now.

It’s all available right from the start, so you can get stuck right in and work as fast or slow as you like!

Group sessions and training are all done via Zoom so we can see and talk to each other.


When are the group sessions?

The members regularly vote on the times that suit them best, then I set two alternate times to give everyone a chance to join the calls.

What happens if I miss a group session?

These sessions give you the chance for deeper strategy help. If you can’t make it, no problem, you can catch the replay or join the next one.

If you have questions in between the calls you can post them in the Facebook Group and get a response right back!

I like to add a few surprises.. so look out for extra group sessions announced via our members’ only FB group.


How do the payments work?

You can choose to pay via any of your accounts connected to your PayPal or directly on your credit card with secure payments handled by Stripe. (I don’t store your card details)

Payments are made in advance, they will come out automatically each month until you cancel.


What happens if I want to cancel my monthly membership? 

You can cancel anytime after the initial 6 months, no questions asked. Simply send me an email at least a week before your next payment.

However once you cancel, you’ll be joining again at whatever the current price is. You can only lock in your price if you stay in the membership.

Your access to the online content for TMC stops when you cancel your membership. But you’ll still have access to Business JAM!


What if my situation changes suddenly and I’m experiencing financial hardship?

I’m here to support you in business, not to make life even harder. If the unthinkable happens, simply get in touch with me to cancel your membership.

Got more questions? Simply send me a DM and I’d be happy to help!

You could pay $10k for this…

Like my private clients who pay up to $10k to work with me for 10 months on their strategy. 

OR, you could get access to my coaching advice, resources and time-savers for a fraction of that in this group program! 

You’ll be joining a crew of like-minded ambitious women just like you, feel inspired and motivated by them as well as having the extra support to make your business journey less lonely. 

I can’t wait to help you! xx

Ready to get started for just $297 today?

© Jessica Osborn 2020