Tired of working so hard to attract clients?

Then enrol in this online masterclass…. 

Uncover Your Unique Niche & Ideal Customer 

And, finally get clarity on who’s the BEST target for you… so that you can focus your marketing efforts and attract the right clients – with ease!

Tired of working so hard to attract clients?

Then enrol in this online masterclass…. 

Uncover Your Unique Niche & Ideal Customer 

And, finally get clarity on who’s the BEST target for you… so that you can focus your marketing efforts and attract the right clients – with ease!

Ready to stop wasting time throwing the net wide and catching everything except the fish you really want?

For consulting or coaching businesses, attempting to market to everyone leaves you struggling to attract clients, competing on price and frustrated… 

While being crystal clear about your niche helps you stand out as the obvious choice, and attract the best clients who value your expertise and are willing to pay for it!

Just imagine this:


Your brand stands out from competitors and you become known as the ‘go-to’ person in your niche.


You know exactly who your ideal client is, and how to reach them, which means you can be highly targeted with your marketing efforts and spend less time messing around with time-wasting tactics.


You regularly have your ‘ideal client’ dropping into your inbox or DMs, requesting to learn more about how they can work with you, ready to sign up.


You’re clear on your unique value so you can command your best rates and earn more while working less.


Your customers are a dream to work with and you love every minute of your working day, rather than the drag of working with clients who don’t value you and cause more hassle than they’re worth.

Uncover Your Unique Niche & Ideal Customer Masterclass will show you how to do just that…

When you have clarity on who your specific target customer is, what value you’re providing them, and why they’ll choose to buy from YOU…. 

…you’ll be able to market and sell with confidence.

It’s the key to successful (and simple!) marketing.

"Highly recommend you do it if you are not totally clear on who your Ideal Client is"

“I recently completed the masterclass ‘Uncover Your Ideal Customer’ and would highly recommend you do it if you are not totally clear on who your ideal client is. The workbook and video are easy to follow with Jessica’s leading and is a really insightful way to get absolutely clear on who you serve. Jessica was also kind enough to give feedback and comments on my initial draft which was extremely helpful for me.”

– Ian Woodhouse, Founder, Nimble Coaching Solutions

"A tremendous help for me in understanding my ideal client"

“I recently completed Jessica’s masterclass on ‘Uncovering your ideal customer’ which was a tremendous help for me in understanding my ideal client. Plus as an online masterclass I got to do it in my own time (flexibility is so important when you’re busy mum and business owner!) It was a really valuable session, thanks Jessica!”

– Michelle Marks, Founder, Laptops & Lattes

Before I tell you more,

let’s confirm exactly who this masterclass is for…

You’re a consultant, coach or online professional, who wants to attract a consistent stream of ‘great-fit’ prospects dropping into your DMs or booking calls, without running expensive campaigns, or spending half your time on social media.

You’re struggling to narrow down a single ideal customer because you have a diverse range of talents and many potential customers – and you don’t want to block them from buying.

Sounding familiar? Great, read on… 

Uncover Your Unique Niche & Ideal Customer Online Masterclass – delivered in 2 powerful lessons

Lesson 1: Nail Your Niche


Pinpoint your specialisation and find your USP (unique selling proposition), so you stand out in the marketplace as a specialist in a sea of generalists.


Describe what you do and the results you get, in ways make you the obvious choice for your ideal client.

Lesson 2: Identify your Ideal Customer


Narrow down all your prospects to discover your most ideal customer, the client type that’s the best fit for your strengths and preferred way of working, so you know who you’re actually marketing to!


Clearly define your ideal client and build a very detailed avatar so that you can speak to their fears and painpoints, understand what they really desire and connect on a deeper level – so that you stand out to them as the right choice.

This POPULAR online masterclass, complete with workbooks, has helped many of my clients nail their niche and grow their revenue by $300%! What would that be worth to you?


so you can come back and do it again, any time you need more clarity…



so you can easily follow along and get the result you want…



so you can start implementing right away and see results happening!

Can I make this even more of a no-brainer?

You want better clients and an easier time winning them. I know this works. So I’m willing to back it 100%.

If you don’t get clarity on Your Unique Niche & Ideal Customer by the end of this masterclass, I’ll refund you the full amount.


Your Masterclass Host – Jessica Osborn

{Qualified marketer, entrepreneur, mother}
Business coach for consultants, coaches and online professionals.

I’ve worked in marketing for services businesses and running my own two online businesses for the last 23+ years! 

In that time, I’ve learnt that for any brand to grow and any business to experience success you need to have a strong marketing strategy.

However, it’s NOT about your method or what tactics you choose. It’s 100% about being clear about your unique value to the market PLUS getting very specific on who you’re there to serve at your highest level. 

It’s hard for businesses of any size to niche down, but the ones that do grasp it – grow fast. 

I see so many multi-talented entrepreneurs struggling to define their specialisation, which means they aren’t clear on their value or how to define their ideal customer – there’s just too many variables! 

They’re not attracting the right clients and often end up competing on price to win business, which leaves them short on their revenue goals.

So – I’ve pulled this masterclass directly from my coaching programs, where clients of mine have achieved profit growth of +500% after adopting a niche strategy and learning how to attract the right clients

They pay up to $11,000 to work with me on this one-to-one. Or $1,997 to do my Business JAM program.

But my winning formula is now available to you right now, for this crazy low rate because I want to help as many of you as possible to achieve more in 2021.

 Ready for this? Let’s do it!

 Jessica xx

"The only tool that seemed deep enough"

“Your [Ideal Customer Masterclass] was the only tool that seemed deep enough to get me to try to do it right.”

– Catalina Johnson, Director, HR Refined

"It gave me clarity on who my avatar is and how I can better meet their needs"

“This was a fantastic masterclass. It gave me clarity on who my avatar is and how I can better meet their needs.” 

– Rebecca H

Got questions? Here’s what you need to know…


How do I access the masterclass?

Once you enrol, you’ll get an email with your unique login to my academy portal, where you’ll access your masterclass immediately and with lifetime access you’ll be able to come back and do it again any time you need a refresher. 

What format is the masterclass? 

There’s 2 detailed video based lessons, with supporting worksheets you can download and fill in (or make your own notes if you prefer). 

What if I have more than one target customer? 

In the niche masterclass we cover having multiple targets and how you can approach your strategy. 

Will this really work for me? 

Great question! If you’re an online professional, consultant or coach, and you can’t clearly articulate who your ideal customer really is, find it hard to figure out just what to say in your marketing and want to raise the calibre of the clients you work with – then yes, this IS going to help you shift the gears in your marketing. 

Instead of relying on referrals, or spending hours searching for clients online, you’ll be sitting back with them popping into your inbox. 

Ready? Let’s DO this!



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