Hello! I’m Jessica.

I help consultants, coaches & online professionals position themselves in their most profitable niche to achieve consistent organic growth and a flexible business they love  without compromising on family (or me) time.

Hello! I'm Jessica

I help consultants, coaches & online professionals position themselves in their most profitable niche to achieve consistent organic growth and a flexible business they love - without compromising on family (or me) time!

Marketing not working?

Your customers are out there,

you’re just not speaking their language.

Connecting with your ideal customer is the key to creating marketing strategies that actually work. If you don’t get this right, you’ll be on struggle street for a long time.

It’s NOT about their age, gender or location. Those things can help you fine tune, but what’s more important is getting inside their head to what they’re thinking! 

Start right now: Choose your best option below to uncover what your ideal customer is thinking, so you can use this to craft irresistible service packages, magnetic messaging and an awesome customer experience.

Already know who your Ideal Customer is?

Grab my free Ultimate Customer Avatar Worksheet with 35 questions to deep dive into the psyche of your ideal customer to understand their challenges, beliefs and buying behaviour.

The only worksheet detailed enough so you’ll know what to say and how to talk to them in a way that seems like you’re speaking their mind.

Don't yet know who your Ideal Customer is?

Take my popular online masterclass Uncover Your Unique Niche & Ideal Customer to learn how to identify your ideal customer out of all your potential customers.
Then, you’ll be guided through creating your detailed customer profile (aka avatar) using my deep diving method to discover what’s stopping them buying and how you can address that in your marketing.

Let’s dive under the covers…

Is your business right where you want it to be? Or are you…

  • Attracting clients who aren’t the best fit: timewasters, pennypinchers…
  • Confused and overwhelmed by all the marketing they say you *should* be doing…
  • Struggling to articulate your point of difference in a crowded market…
  • Not reaching your revenue goals even though you’re working all the time?

If this sounds like you, please don’t despair!

Often it’s simply that your marketing strategy is out of alignment. We can get you on track and feeling like business is easy! 

I’ve coached many women on how to position their brand to be the best choice in their most profitable niche, to attract the right clients and generate consistent growth.

You started your business with absolute belief in your potential; let’s get your strategy sorted and business growing, and turn your potential into success.

You’ve got this!

Business JAM enrolments are OPEN right now!

Is it FINALLY time to get your marketing strategy fine-tuned for attracting the right clients and maximising profits?

Enrol yourself in Business JAM and discover how to become the Obvious Choice in your niche, so you attract consistent clients with ease, command your best rates and create scale so you finally achieve the business-life-balance you dream of.

Hi, I’m Jessica

I’m a degree-qualified marketer, mum to 2 little ones, travel-lover and self-confessed connoisseur of fine wine, coffee and chocolate!

I spent 20 years leading marketing teams across many service industries. From start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies, I’ve learnt the strategies to generate consistent growth. 

Making it to the top of my profession, I suddenly found that the opportunities for a new mum in executive roles was next to none. Rather than be forced to take a step back, I jumped into entrepreneurship, determined to create the work-life balance I really wanted.

However taking all that experience into my own business wasn’t as easy as I imagined at first.

Although I knew how to build and market a business online, I found it really hard to narrow down all my experience to select a distinct niche to market. 

After working with different clients, I discovered my super-power: foundational marketing strategy for consultants, coaches and services businesses

I now focus on helping clients build smart strategy that aligns their identity and offers for their target market, and build the marketing systems to generate consistent clients.

Those I’ve worked with have been successful at attracting the right customers for profitable growth, with revenue increases of 300% – 500% within just a few short months.

I’m a big believer in keeping it simple, focussing on building a foundation to scale from, using technology to automate processes and marketing systems that leave you more time for all the more important things in life.

So you’ll never have to return to the corporate cubicle.

Your success is my success – let’s get started!

You may have seen me in…

Want to stand out in a crowded market?

My Strategic Business Growth Framework will help you become the go-to person in your niche so you can attract your ideal clients on auto-pilot and finally achieve the business on your vision board.

Ways to work with me

1:1 Business Coaching

 Work with me 1:1 on your business strategy, marketing plans and online systems to create a nimble, streamlined business that lets you stay in your genius zone. It’s intense, but you’ll get results faster with me helping you avoid the trial and error.

The Momentum Club

Got your foundation sorted? Now it’s time to scale! This popular group coaching program is all about strategies to grow and rise to your next level. Get the benefits of live coaching, online training and a close-knit community of like-minded business owners. 

Online Courses & Masterclasses

If DIY is more your style, try one of my short online masterclasses, or jump right in with my signature course Business JAM. You’ll get the same strategic framework I use with my coaching clients and gain the know-how you need for success.

Happy customers are your BEST sales tool

You can make their experience so amazing they can’t help talking about it!

Hear what my clients have to say 

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