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{Qualified marketer, entrepreneur, mother}
Coaching smart women to market their business successfully

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Do you dream of running a thriving, successful business? One that can fit in around your family, your kids and the rest of your life?

Maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe you’ve been running a business for a while now.

Yet somehow, no matter how hard you work or how many tactics you try – your marketing just doesn’t seem to hit the mark!

You could be at the point where you know you need to improve your marketing but you’re not sure exactly what you should focus on to get the results you need.

You might be doing plenty of marketing but need to work out how to pull it all together into a real strategy to drive more sales and scale.

Or maybe you need to automate your marketing processes so your sales are coming in while you sleep…(what a dream hey?)

Possibly even, you’re completely and utterly lost as to what to do next!

You’re not alone.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to marketing – the technology, sales strategies, messaging… it can start to feel very complicated, very fast, can’t it?

Don’t worry though – it’s totally normal and you can get on top of it!

I’ve been living and breathing marketing for around 23 years, and I’m still learning more every day! 

Jessica Osborn - Business Coach

Connecting with your ideal customer is the key to creating marketing strategies that actually work!

In business that means you need a clear promise of what value you offer to your customers, and to the world.

{Why do you exist? Tell me why I should care!}

Your business should be centred around your promise so that everything you do is connected to delivering that value for your customers.

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Customer loyalty is earned through your actions

Are you living up to your promises? What value are you giving to your customers?

Confession: I’m not your average #businesscoach 


I have a university degree in marketing and psychology.

And, I’ve had 20 years working in corporate marketing roles prior to becoming a coach. I climbed the ladder to executive level, running marketing and communications departments, building successful brands and businesses. 

Then, 10 years ago, I took the leap into entrepreneurship.

I’ve built two successful online businesses pretty much on my own, with very limited resources, all while working my day job.

(Plus having 2 kids, renovating and moving house, just to keep me busy!) 

As my second child arrived (literally while I was still in hospital!) I decided to ditch the restrictive 9-5 life to be a business coach, specifically working with women who have a service-based, online/remote business. Designers, marketers, OBMs, consultants, coaches – that’s who’ll gain the most from my Path to Prosperity framework I use for all my coaching programs.  

I focus on smart strategies that create growth and efficiency – because, let’s face it, while we love our work, it’s not all there is to life! 

 Jessica xx

I’m super passionate about coaching other women on how to build their business online as well as offline, create brands people love to connect with, and make a difference (as well as a profit!). 

Imagine if you had a steady stream of prospects contacting you, ready to sign up?

Imagine if customers loved dealing with you and stayed with your business for the long term, while recommending you to their networks?

Sounds good, right? 

This is how I have built my coaching business. 

I use a combination of brand building and content marketing to attract my tribe to me, and from there I nurture them to build trust and a desire to buy.

The good news is that this marketing strategy is not very complicated and anyone can do it. It’s just a matter of creating a strategy tailored to your target market, then delivering it. 

One of the essential elements to a good marketing (and business!) strategy is knowing your ideal customer.

Everything in your business should be designed to serve their needs and exceed their expectations. 

I’m proud to have helped many businesses, from huge global corporations to small start-ups, become recognised leaders in their industry with strong reputations.

Here’s the nitty-gritty for you bullet point lovers…

My Professional Stats

  • 20 years corporate marketing experience
  • 10+ years running 2 successful online services businesses
  • Started coaching in 2017
  • Bachelor of Business Studies (Marketing + Psychology), Monash University
  • An expert in both starting and reinvigorating small and large brands.
  • A no ‘bullshit’ personality and marketing tactics with no fluff. I keep it simple with a tangible strategy, real results, fast! 

A Few Personal Bits

  • I’m a mum with young children, so can totally relate to the kid-business juggle! Together, we can find ways to design your business around your family.
  • I work from home too, and my coaching sessions are done online so it’s totally flexible to suit your schedule. 
  • I grew up in New Zealand, lived in London for 10 years and I’m now lucky enough to call the beautiful Sunshine Coast home. Swimming at the beach in winter never gets old, but I’m still an All Blacks fan! 


    Big Corporate Results…

    • In 2006, I managed the marketing for the IPO of a new luxury club and sold out within 6 weeks!
    • In 2011, I joined a start-up tech company and headed up their marketing department (in fact, I build the department!).
    • In just 5 years, that ‘start-up’ became a well-known and respected ASX100 company, worth over 1 Billion.
    • How did I do it? I focused on building their brand reputation through solid PR & marketing strategies.

    = Small Business Success…

    • Profitable from year 1, scaled to 6x in 2 years and still growing
    • Achieved 500% revenue growth for myself and clients
    • First $20k month in August 2020 during the pandemic!
    • My passion is using what I’ve learnt in the big companies, to help smaller businesses, just like yours, to not only survive, but really THRIVE.
    • I’ve helped a whole string of women gain more confidence in their businesses, by helping them develop cutting-edge marketing strategies and super simple action plans.

    I’m a woman supporting women


    I focus on helping women because I know that most of you began this journey because you felt trapped by the corporate world.

    Trapped by workplaces that aren’t flexible. That don’t support you to have a family and a career.

    Because you have a desire to be more.

    To be a role model for your kids.

    To show them that you can make your own success and have the life you dream about if you work hard enough for it.


    And I think that’s something worth fighting for.

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