Hi! I’m Jessica

Qualified marketer, entrepreneur, mother.
Passionate about marketing communications,
and dedicated to helping you build a brand that accelerates your business growth.

Jessica Osborn - Business Coach

I’m addicted to coffee and dark chocolate. Ok, there I said it. Cannot go a day without them!

Now onto the stuff you probably want to know.

Over the last 20 years of my marketing career, I’m proud to have helped many businesses become leaders in their industry backed by a strong brand reputation.

I believe that good communication is the key to success both in life and in business.

In business that means you need a brand with a clear promise of what value you offer to your customers (and to the world). Why do you exist? Tell me why I should care!

Your business should be so entwined with your brand promise that everything you do is connected to delivering that value for your customers.

Customer loyalty is earned through your actions

Are you living up to your promises? What value are you giving to your customers?

Imagine if you had a steady stream of prospects contacting you, ready to sign up today?

Imagine if customers loved dealing with you and stayed with your business for the long term, while recommending you to their networks?

Imagine if you could avoid the hustle. Spend less time and money on marketing and sales but still grow your business.

The good news is that it’s totally possible to leapfrog your competition, attract and retain the right customers AND grow your profit margins.

How? By getting your brand experience right.

I can show you how.

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Let’s create an amazing experience your customers will love to rave about.

A brief bit about my background

20 years ago I started working in marketing while I was living over in London on my big OE (overseas adventure, don’t ask me why it’s called OE and not OA!).

Ironically it was for an online business management school teaching branding and business strategy!

Since then I’ve worked for large global organisations, small local businesses and start-ups.

From highly regulated banking and government to disruptive technology firms and creative market research agencies.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile for all the details.

In this time I’ve done everything from digital marketing, websites and social media; to PR, internal communications and brand management.

I’ve launched new businesses and re-invented existing brands.


I’m also an entrepreneur, I’ve founded 2 successful online businesses. 

I know first-hand the challenges of managing a small business where you’re everything from the CEO to the admin assistant.

And, let’s be honest, fudging your way through the areas that you have less knowledge of.

When I look back it’s amazing how much things have changed with the explosion of technology.

We are so accessible these days; we’re being constantly bombarded by businesses selling us their solutions.

Only those brands that connect with us emotionally are breaking through the noise.

You can be one of those brands.

I’m passionate about helping female small business owners build profitable businesses.

I focus on helping women because I know that most of you began this journey because you felt trapped by the corporate world.

Trapped by workplaces that aren’t flexible. That don’t support you to have a family and a career.

Because you have a desire to be more.

To be a role model for your kids. To show them that you can make your own success and have the life you dream about if you work hard enough for it.

And I think that’s something worth fighting for.

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