Need business coaching to get YOUR business growing? I can help you create automated marketing funnels bringing you the right prospects so you never have to worry about finding your next client.

Do you want:

to increase your base of loyal customers?

to increase repeat business from your ideal customers?

to have a constant stream of leads from word-of-mouth recommendations?

to increase profit margins?

to spend less time marketing and more time with family and friends?

With my business coaching and mentoring we’ll create simple marketing strategies that keep you focussed on the right activities to achieve your goals.

lWhy choose me as your business coach?


I totally get that there are so many coaches out there, that it can be tricky to choose!

Some coaches focus on mindset, others come from accounting or management professions.

When you work with me however, you’ll benefit from my 20+ years’ professional experience in marketing – growing brands and businesses.

I’ve managed high-performing teams for some of the largest companies in the world and worked for small businesses and start-ups too.

Including two I founded myself! So, I know how to get maximum results with very small budgets.

I can also motivate you to reach for goals you never thought possible and keep you on track while you execute your plan.

You won’t find my marketing plan in a textbook! 

And I don’t have a blueprint that everyone must follow – because your business is as unique as you are! Instead, I help you implement the right strategies for YOUR business, not someone else’s.

I’ve built my templates and tools from extensive practice, implementation and testing. They are clean and simple, to make things super easy.

I just don’t believe in doing crazy amounts of admin – who has time for that, right?

And I’m a hands-on person that can help you with the high-level strategy as well as your day to day tech questions.

Book a time in my calendar to get my advice on the current health of your business, right now. I’ll be able to tell you if you’ll benefit from coaching, or perhaps need a different solution.

What my amazing clients have to say

“Before I started coaching with Jess, I was completely lost with my start up. I knew what I wanted to achieve but I didn’t have a clue on how I was going to get there. I didn’t have a clear strategy. Jess has helped me develop my idea and provided an amazing amount of knowledge, support, hand holding and honest feedback; as well as contributing further ideas.

I feel a lot more confident, knowing I’ve got Jess on my side, helping me to be successful in achieving my goals and to do list! This is not like any other coaching I’ve done previously, certainly a cut above the rest, in my opinion.”

Emma Barrington

Founder, Friendship Finder

“I’ve been part of Jess’ business tribe for… AGES now! So she was the first person I turned to when I recently made the impulsive decision to reposition my business to niche in a different space to what I was working in. I knew it was the right direction for me – but, overwhelmed with an existing client workload I didn’t have the mental space (or confidence) to move myself forward to re-market my business to a new audience, with a new service, and higher price points.

Jess cuts through your confusion and sets you on a clear path. She understands who you are and what you’re trying to achieve and gives you educated guidance and motivation to make the changes needed to see you thrive. Thanks Jess – I’m loving my business these days; the reposition seemed effortless!!”

Kelly Stone

Founder, Craft My Content

“After creating my business earlier this year, I struggled with marketing direction and was overwhelmed with the thought of how I was going to launch my business and put the finishing touches on my website. Jessica helped me create an amazing launch campaign, and provided so many tips and advice. I could not have gotten through these early stages without her. I 100% recommend Jessica as an exceptional business coach to assist with business startups. Thank you so much Jess”

Nicole Smith

Founder, Creative Mum Life

“After feeling stuck in my online business I decided it was time I reached out for a business coach. I have now had only 2 sessions with Jessica and have achieved so much more than what I could have on my own. My head is a lot clearer and I have goals and a strategy in place. My confidence has shifted and it is great just to discuss ideas and plans for my business moving forward. I would recommend Jessica to anyone that is looking for a Marketing and Business coach.”

Jacqui Dawson

Founder, Property Unravelled

“I was experiencing major overwhelm in my business and was getting nowhere so I decided to make the investment to turn things around. Jessica immediately put my mind at ease and helped me focus on the things that were important, breaking everything down into bite size pieces to tackle strategically. Jessica gave me great feedback and valuable advice on all of my projects including advertising, competitions, my website, apps, email funnels, tone and feel for copy and so much more!

Jessica is across ALL things business and marketing! Out of everything I learnt from Jessica, the most important thing I took away was the confidence she instilled in me that I can make my business a success. Thanks for everything Jess!”

Meagan Rayment

Founder, The Gut Healing Community

“I was totally clueless when it came to marketing and business. After our first coaching session, Jess had cleared my mind, given me a clear vision and made me excited about marketing. She helped me with our branding, advertising, website, online presence, generating reviews, customer satisfaction surveys and so, so much more! The evidence is in the business’s success so far this year! 
The knowledge and confidence you have given me is invaluable! Thank you Jess!”

Phoebe Sampson

Manager, Tooth Dental

“”2018 was my year to focus and get on track in my business and Jessica helped me do just this. 
I found her to be an amazing business coach who helped guide me when I was lost and push me that bit further when I needed it. Encouraging and knowledgeable I felt supported and learnt so so much.

With her marketing advice on board I will continue to implement strategies and advice and this will benefit my business for years to come. Thank you Jessica!”

Ruth Muller

Founder, Print Ark

“Jessica is amazing! She helped me clarify my ‘brand’ and provided direction and know-how around building my business online. She is down-to-earth, approachable and an absolute wealth of knowledge. We achieved more in our first coaching session than I had managed to do in months on my own. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Tracey Mottershead

Founder, MMO HR Solutions

Who can I help?


If your small business offers services, good news! You’re in the right place.

I can also help eCommerce businesses.


If you’re in a network marketing or franchise style business, I’m not your ideal coach (unless you own the brand!).

And sorry, but if you’re here for a ‘get rich quick’ magic solution, then I’m definitely not your gal. And honestly, I’m not convinced that such a thing actually exists!

My strategies are about setting yourself up for sustained growth, putting in the work to build a solid reputation and great experience so you win clients on autopilot for years to come.

What can I help you with?


Are you at a point in your business where you need a strategy adjustment, or change of direction?

Or maybe you’d benefit from realigning your services with your target market?

We’ll set goals and adjust your marketing plan to achieve them, with practical tactics suited to your budget and ability.

What kind of things could we work on?

Goals, targets, budgets

Target market strategy / your ideal customer

Product positioning and sales processes

Brand strategy and messaging

Customer experience strategy

Digital strategy: web, SEO, social media, email

PR, events and sponsorships


Business automation, tech set up and systems. 

What am I like to work with?

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I am a ‘no bullshit’ person; I will not shy away from telling you what the issues are that I can see and I won’t waste your time with fluff.

We will just get straight down to work and start doing the things that are going to give you the most impact.

I will always explain why I am recommending a course of action so you can make informed decisions and you are totally in control of the direction you take your business.

You’re the one who really knows your business and your customers; I’ll bring to the table my experience in brand strategy, engaging your audience, creating an irresistible offer, and how to track/ analyse results.

I won’t try to give you advice about things that are outside of my expertise.

Instead I will tell you how to get the right support, and make recommendations on who can give it to you.

And quite frankly – sometimes you simply need a fresh set of experienced eyes, such as mine, to give you that amazing new idea and strategy that could totally skyrocket your business – and give you the extra confidence to fly.

Jessica Osborn - Business Coaching Service Provider

How does business coaching work?


We’ll start with a review of your current business situation and see what’s working and what’s not.

Then we’ll address any immediate issues, set goals and create a marketing plan tailored to deliver the best results.

If you choose a 1:1 package we’ll have a regular video call. Plus you’ll have daily online support for questions via my private coaching group.

Let’s see if we connect…

Book your FREE discovery call so we can to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit.

Then you’ll get to choose a coaching package that best suits you and the time you’re able to put into it.

If a spot is available, we’ll start right away!

Book a free 15 minute call


Want to chat? Book a time in my calendar to discuss your business and learn if coaching is right for you.