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Want to attract the right customers for your business?

Do you even know who the right customers are?

Before you spend any time or money on creating your brand or marketing your business, you need to work out who you are talking to first.

Marketing is all about psychology.

You’re trying to engage your target and get them to act, so you need to know their drives and motives, how they think and what like/dislike.

“If you’re marketing to everybody, you’re selling to nobody”

When you drill down into who your ideal customer is and really narrow your focus, amazing things happen.

Suddenly you’re writing messaging that connects, makes your audience feel like you really understand their problems, and can solve them.

Your ideal customer is your sweet spot – the ones you should be spending your time and efforts chasing because they benefit greatly from your services and are happy to pay the top price for the value you are giving them.

Create your own customer avatar

The more detailed you can make your avatar the better.

My template uses these 5 categories to dig deep into the personification of my ideal customer:

Demographics – age, gender, where they live, family situation, wealth etc
Personality – what characteristics they have
Psyche – what they think, opinions and beliefs.
Education – what they know about your industry, services, and your company. Where they get their information from.
Buying behaviour – how they prefer to buy, their role in the buying process.

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