Private Coaching Packages

Work with me 1:1 to create a strategy for your ‘next level’ business and get it happening!

…Get clear on how to reach your next level


Think of me as your new business BFF! I’m 100% committed to helping you reach your goals faster. 

Coaching with me is very much tailored to your own business; I work with you to understand your unique business, your strengths and your goals, then we’ll create a marketing strategy to get momentum happening.

We’ll use my 3 phase strategic framework to position you as an expert in your niche, build an audience of the right prospects and convert them into high-value customers who want to keep coming back for more. 

There’s no cookie cutters here, I’ll identify what you need to stop, start and continue to get the results you want, and show you how to do it. 

You’ll be mentored on how to achieve a scalable growth business that leaves you plenty of free time for life…

… plus I’ll share all my tips on using automation and technology to keep your business lean and working for you – even while you’re not!

And you’ll have clarity on your plan for the next 3, 6 to 12 months so you can focus on the right activities to generate the results you need to achieve your vision.

“I increased my revenue by 500% in just 3 months”

I felt at ease with Jess right from the start. She took the time to understand my business and issues and challenged me to better define my own target audience and offer.

I felt like Jess gave me ‘permission’ to increase my pricing, as she reassured me of the value of my offer and what I had to potentially gain.  We looked at my packages and instead of charging $3,000 for a branding package, the next proposal I sent out secured me a project which generated $15,000 in revenue!

Melissa Packham

Brand & Marketing Strategist, A Brand Is Not A Logo

Choose the package that suits you best

Total Transformation

Most Comprehensive

Work with me over 6 months to transform your business into a profitable, efficient, enjoyable vehicle to support your ideal life

This is for YOU if:

You’ve got a big vision and want to make it a reality! You’re wanting to make a shift to push your business to the next level, and you know this means reviewing your marketing strategy as well as how you’re operating, to streamline and scale without bursting at the seams.

What’s included?

> Kick-off deep dive business review + analysis session (90 mins)

> 1 hour coaching session every 2 weeks

> Emergency calls for “those moments”

> Private email or messenger support in between sessions

> Access to online training resources, masterclasses templates and worksheets. 

$9,990 AUD

(monthly payment plan available)


Most Popular

Short 3 month program to get your business and marketing strategy nailed, with an action plan for growth.

This is for YOU if:

You’re committed to making a serious impact on your business, in a short space of time. You want to kickstart your next stage of growth and you’re ready to work on your targeting, offers and marketing strategy so you can get the right clients consistently signing up.

What’s included?

> Kick-off deep dive business review + analysis session (90 mins)

> Weekly coaching session (45 mins) 

> Private email or messenger support in between sessions

> Access to online training resources, masterclasses, templates and worksheets. 


$4,990 AUD

(monthly payment plan available)


You’ll also get free lifetime access to my Business JAM program, which gives you my unique method for niche development, customer targeting and marketing systems.

Valued at $1197

Meet Natalie and Catherine

They’d launched their business and with referrals from their professional network were making just enough to cover expenses. Yep, $0 profit.

After just working to define their specialisation, target customer and craft value-packed service packages, they were suddenly booked up, profits were up more than 500% and they were paying themselves decent salary!

In just 4 months they’d transformed their lives, were able to finally quit their jobs, and their business wasn’t a dream anymore – it’s now firmly their future.

How does coaching work?

After you’ve signed up to one of the packages above, you’ll be sent a link to my calendar to book your sessions in at times that suit you.

Sessions are done via Zoom video conferencing and I can record them for you if you wish.

Between sessions you can reach me via email or messenger.

You’ll get a login to my online academy portal where you can access all my support resources.

Payments are made automatically in advance via credit card (secure payments provided by Stripe) or PayPal.


Looking for terms and conditions?

Here they are.

Ultimately, your satisfaction is extremely important to me so I like to be flexible and make it work for you as well as me, with minimal stress! Be assured you can always come to me and chat about it if things aren’t working for you so we can find a solution.

Still got questions? Here’s some of the most common ones:


I know I need this but I’m so busy already with my business and family life, will I be able to fit this in without getting overwhelmed? 

As a busy mum, I know just how important flexibility is. You’ll schedule your sessions at times that suit you. When you need more time, you can take more time. Importantly, think about what NOT doing this work is costing you each month by staying where you are and not reaching your next goal?


What happens if {insert life situation} takes over and I’m not able to do the work or complete my sessions in the allocated time? 

I get it. Life does seem to happen at the most inconvenient times! If you find yourself in a situation that means you need a break, you’ll be able to pause your program for a month (or two) and pick it up again. 


How do I know this will work for me? 

Firstly, you wouldn’t be on this page if it wasn’t a good fit for you! My method is about creating the best business strategy for YOU – which means that through my framework we will find the optimal solution that will get you to your next big goal. It will take work, and a lot of brain power – but if you follow the process, you’ll get results. 


I’ve got an established business and have already done work on my niche and services, I need the NEXT level strategy, so is this right for me?

Perfect! We won’t be going over things that are already done if they’re working for you. This will all become apparent in our initial business review of your performance and from there we’ll identify the key areas that you need to deep dive into to get you to your goals.

Want to know something else? I’m here and ready to answer any question you may have! Please don’t hang back, just ask!